Anhui netizens strange suggestions, counties have universities, drunk weng’s meaning is not wine, or allusion to Xuancheng?

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A netizen from Anhui province recently suggested on the leadership message board that the construction of university cities in provincial capitals should be cancelled, and existing universities should be relocated to each county in the province, so that every county can have universities.To be honest, this suggestion is a bit bizarre, but it should be based on the practice of Beijing universities moving to Xiongan. It is not a suggestion made out of thin air.But reading between the lines, you can see that the real intention, perhaps the next sentence, is to suggest that a provincial university be moved to Xuancheng…Location factors determine the development of the university to a certain extent. If the university is located in the county, it will affect the upper limit of the development of the university to a large extent.In recent years, many colleges and universities have begun to set up campuses in the county seat, but it is only a branch school area, the university’s headquarters is naturally impossible to set up in the county seat.So this proposal is certainly impossible to be implemented, but is it feasible to move a provincial university to Xuancheng?At present Anhui province has 46 undergraduate course colleges and universities, except xuancheng outside each city has its own undergraduate course colleges and universities, and there are 19 undergraduate course colleges and universities in Hefei, the capital of Anhui Province, basically occupy less than half of the share.Hefei, the capital of Anhui province, actually has a low concentration of universities, with only seven out of 19 undergraduate universities.In addition, there are 8 universities distributed in the other 7 cities, anqing, Huaibei, Bengbu, Fuyang, Wuhu, Huainan, Ma ‘anshan, the distribution is basically relatively balanced.Compared with neighboring Henan Province, universities in Henan province are concentrated in Zhengzhou. Besides Zhengzhou, only Luoyang, Xinxiang, Kaifeng and Jiaozuo in Henan province have universities, and there are only four prefecture-level cities.Anhui province’s education balance has always done well, as for Anhui Xuancheng no undergraduate colleges are actually wrong, in addition to the xuancheng vocational and technical College this higher vocational, Anhui province also in the way of counterpart assistance, set up hefei University of Technology Xuancheng campus, which is the only one in Anhui Province.In 2011, HEFEI University of Technology began to build xuancheng Campus in Xuancheng, Anhui Province, filling the gap of undergraduate education in Xuancheng.Hefei University of Technology, as one of the three 211 universities in Anhui Province, xuancheng Campus and Hefei main campus are an organic whole, all of which are single-enrollment.In this respect, xuancheng’s higher education is no less than that of other cities, so there is no need to move another provincial university from Hefei to Xuancheng.At present, the Xuancheng campus of HEFEI University of Technology uses a separate enrollment code, has 12 departments and a basic department, and more than 12,000 full-time students, enjoying the same treatment as the main campus in Hefei.As xuancheng people, have a 211, very proud.Some netizens have suggested that the Xuancheng Campus of Hefei University of Technology be independently built into Xuancheng University of Technology.At first, as soon as the news came out, Xuancheng, Tongling and Huangshan three cities had the idea of introducing it.At that time, Xuancheng provided 3,000 mu of land and agreed to raise 1.8 billion yuan for the project construction, which was basically a turnkey project. Xuancheng’s sincerity won the cooperation of Hefei University of Technology and finally succeeded in settling down.As the Xuancheng Campus invested by Xuancheng City, HEFEI University of Technology is responsible for teaching staff.However, after the enrollment reduction event in 2016 and the integration of school running after 2018, the current Xuancheng Campus has been difficult to embark on the road of independent school running.However for Xuancheng is to tell, have a 211 far than 1 xuancheng name undergraduate course colleges and universities meaningful!Chart exploration original, welcome to pay attention to, data from the network, please refer to the official information.