Are these hospitals under construction on your doorstep? “Pudong in time.”

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Have you made any resolutions for the New Year?I believe that in the New Year “healthy” must be the wish of many people!Good health guardian without medical facilities support which under construction around in our hospital will protect our health and small cloth together and see it longhua hospital affiliated to Shanghai university of TCM in the pudong new area on campus in August 2021, longhua hospital affiliated to Shanghai university of traditional Chinese medicine, pudong campus construction project of medical ward building to complete the main structure,The overall project is expected to be completed by January 2023.The new project of Longhua Hospital pudong Area is located in Hangtou Town, Pudong New Area (east to Hangdu Road, south to Hangsan Road, west to Hangji Road, north to Wei Er Road), including outpatient and emergency general building, medical technology ward building, infection department building, underground parking garage and outdoor general building.The project will be implemented in two phases, with 500 beds in the first phase and a total construction area of 76,550 square meters, including 49,050 square meters above ground and 27,500 square meters underground. The total investment of the project is 837 million yuan.The construction of the new project in Pudong District of Longhua Hospital has been progressing steadily since December 2019, the pile foundation was officially constructed in March 2020, the basement structure was completed by the end of 2020, the structure of infection department building was capped in May 2021, and the structure of outpatient and emergency comprehensive building was capped in June 2021.The new project of Longhua Hospital Pudong Branch is based on pudong and radiates to the Yangtze River Delta, relying on the hospital’s more than 60 years of traditional Chinese medicine cultural accumulation and clinical, scientific research, teaching strength, to build a comprehensive regional medical center in southwest Pudong with distinctive traditional Chinese medicine characteristics.On the basis of ensuring the medical security capacity of the comprehensive medical institution, the new project will give full play to the characteristics and advantages of traditional Chinese medicine in the hospital, and strive to provide high-level medical services with equal emphasis on traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine for patients at home and abroad.After the completion of the project, in addition to providing regional residents with common diseases specialized outpatient, emergency, hospitalization and other medical services, longhua Hospital will also rely on a number of national key clinical departments of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine, Shanghai Superior clinical departments, Shanghai Key disciplines of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western medicine, etc., to provide comprehensive diagnosis and treatment services for difficult and major diseases.Relying on the clinical and scientific research foundation of the Oncology Department of the General Hospital, the Tumor Medical Center in The Southwest area of Pudong will be built to provide high-level full-process integrated Traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment services for patients.Combined with the geographical location characteristics of Hangtou area, focus on the development of trauma surgery and the establishment of trauma emergency center to facilitate the timely treatment of patients nearby;Set up 24-hour emergency and surgical emergency, set up comprehensive ICU wards, improve the treatment level of severe patients in the region, and provide high-level emergency medical services for the masses in the region.In November 2021, the Ninth People’s Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine in Zhuqiao District completed all the piling work, will soon “break through the ground”.Located in the core area of Zhuqiao Town, Pudong, the project covers an area of about 100,200 square meters, with the planning scope reaching nanfeng Highway in the east, S32 highway protection green belt in the south, public passageway in the west and Nanting Road in the north.The project is completed according to a master plan, with a total construction area of 222,101 square meters and 800 beds.The project has a floor area of 152,840 square meters (eight floors above ground) and a floor area of 69261 square meters (two floors underground).Zhuqiao Hospital is mainly composed of complex building, National Stomatology Center, emergency building, fever clinic building, scientific research teaching building, sewage treatment room and other buildings.With a total investment of 2.2 billion yuan, the hospital is expected to be completed and put into operation in 2024.In the future, the National Stomatology Center will be built, which will become a third-class a comprehensive public hospital providing all kinds of services in addition to its stomatological features.Zhangjiang Hospital of National Children’s Medical Center is located on the west side of Kangxin Highway. In front of the hospital are Shanghai Tumor Hospital and Shanghai Proton heavy Ion Hospital.It will be a comprehensive pediatric hospital like the Shanghai Children’s Medical Center, which will provide outpatient and emergency services.After completion, zhangjiang Comprehensive National Science City will provide the highest quality children’s health and medical security.The Zhangjiang Hospital District of National Children’s Medical Center will be completed by the end of 2023, covering an area of 60 mu with a total construction area of 100,000 square meters and 500 beds.At the same time, it is also a “sophisticated” research hospital, representing the highest level of pediatric medicine in China.The hospital is equipped with 8 modern operating rooms, 40 bone marrow transplant pods, and will take the lead in the construction of radiotherapy center, cell therapy center and clinical trial center among children’s specialized hospitals in China.Aiming at the forefront of international development, it will build a first-class tumor diagnosis and treatment highland with full life cycle, modern medical technology and domestic and foreign market, together with other high-level hospitals such as Fudan University Cancer Hospital and Shanghai Proton Heavy Ion Hospital, and strive to build it into a “Shanghai VERSION of MD ANDERSON”.Shanghai Sixth People’s Hospital is located at No.222, West Huhu Third Road, Pudong New Area, with a total construction area of 124,721 square meters, including 85,039 square meters above ground and 39,682 square meters underground.The hospital includes science and education complex, medical complex, helipad and other related supporting facilities.With the north-south main passage as the core, the hospital podium strengthens the relationship between the north-south axis of the hospital and creates a high energy efficiency central axis, which is the core and backbone of the whole building.The administrative office and scientific research teaching buildings are located in the north of the axis, the ward building is located in the south, and the outpatient and emergency services are located in the center, exerting functions around the axis.The landscape along the river is introduced in the hospital, and the inpatient wards are set up along the river.Each architectural space is embedded in the landscape courtyard. Through the skylight of different shapes and sizes, natural light is introduced into the indoor public space, creating a peaceful and soothing medical environment and reflecting humanistic care.Shanghai Eastern Hospital (East Hospital of Tongji University) Shanghai Eastern Hospital will be under construction in June 2021. The new hospital will comply with the medical resource allocation standards of regional medical centers and comprehensively improve the connotation of medical services.By the time the Hudong Hospital officially opens, Oriental Hospital will increase its total number of beds by 500 in lujiazui, Sanlin and Hudong hospitals in Pudong. The total number of approved beds will increase to 2,300.The Hudong Campus of Dongfang Hospital is located in Hudong Community, adjacent to Boxing Road in the north, Changdao Road in the east, Pudong Avenue in the west, and Majiabang in the south. It is newly built according to the standard of a class III hospital, and contains medical area, scientific research and teaching, and corresponding supporting facilities.The completion of the Campus will effectively alleviate the demand for public health resources in Pudong, provide a good diagnosis and treatment environment for the public, and provide a platform for medical treatment, teaching and scientific research in Pudong.Let’s look forward to it!I wish you all good health!Please note from Pudong official wechat statement: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: