Bored with Spring Festival?A new “enjoy” method for health in the Year of the Tiger

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Over a Spring Festival, and double 叒 yi eat hurt yourself…I believe that we all encountered a continuous family dinner, during the various big fish and meat, variety of dishes take turns on the table, your stomach is ok?Do you feel like you can’t eat anymore?Appetite is also slowly become poor, feeling “appetite” is being slowly empty….Not only such, meat and vegetables absorb unbalance, together with irregular living habits, still let a person appear dyspepsia, diarrhea, abdominal distension and other unwell symptoms, so, how should solution greasy eliminate lag?Health gentleman invited Qingdao Haici medical group to treat not disease director Dai Shuqing, a few solution to the greasy side to you!Main material: celery, peanut, carrot efficacy: celery is rich in dietary fiber can promote intestinal peristalsis, water in addition to trouble;Peanuts are rich in nutrition, nourishing blood and spleen;Carrots nourish the middle and lower qi and brighten the eyes.As a side dish on the table, it is light in taste and rich in nutrients, which can reduce the intake of oil and salt. It is suitable for eating all year round.Take it out after refrigeration and put it in normal temperature before eating. Do not store it for more than 1 week, it is easy to deteriorate.Turnip soup main ingredient: bai luobo, kelp winter bamboo shoot, etc can be added to make vegetable soup, also can match lamb or pork chops efficacy: radish has disappear of qi, phlegm diuretic effect, its cool and juice more moist, can alleviate the hot and dry winter weather and diet, and because its spicy taste, appetizers xiaoshi, reason has “the winter turnip eat summer eat ginger”.Green radish is suitable for cold, white radish is suitable for soup, meat and vegetable are appropriate.It is necessary to pay attention to radish broken air, avoid with ginseng and other qi tonic products taken together, cold spleen and stomach deficiency should not eat too much raw food.Hawthorn lotus leaf barley tea raw material: fried hawthorn, dried lotus leaf, fried barley equivalent effect: Awake spleen appetizer, remove dampness and reduce turbidity.Practice: after rinsing with boiling water, put it into the pot and boil it or braise it.Hawthorn can eliminate meat stagnation, lotus leaf can reduce fat turbidity, barley tea can xingpi elimination grain stagnation.It is suitable for patients with fat and sweet taste, food accumulation, abdominal distension and poor appetite, three high population and obese patients.Gastrointestinal function of the weak can join jujube a few.Excessive gastric acid, digestive ulcer and dental caries should not be taken.Avoid drinking on an empty stomach.Tangerine peel dark tea raw material: tangerine peel, dark tea (tangerine peel: dark tea = 1:2) Efficacy: invigorating the spleen and warming the stomach, clearing qi and reducing phlegm Practice: rinse with boiled water once, then stew or boil.Tangerine peel can strengthen the spleen, regulate qi and reduce phlegm. Dark tea can nourish the stomach, promote digestion, protect the liver and diuresis.Suitable for patients with phlegm, spleen deficiency and cold stomach after meal and drinkers.Tangerine peel should be more than one year old, and dark tea should be zhupu, Fu tea or Liubao tea with guaranteed quality.Tannic acid and tannic acid in dark tea are easy to combine with iron ions in the human body, which is not conducive to the absorption of iron ions. Therefore, it is not suitable to drink dark tea during anemia and menstruation.Avoid drinking herbal tea.The above is dietary advice, if you feel unwell, please go to the hospital in time.I wish all the friends of the public a healthy and happy New Year.Health questions and answers the common collocation principle of daily diet has three: thick and thin collocation, with thick;Meat and vegetable collocation, mainly vegetarian;Acid base collocation, mainly alkali.A. Correct B. wrong answer Click on the blank below to get the answer A Qingdao News Health channel original planning editor: beautiful small happy focus on health concern chat dialog box to reply to the following content can get the corresponding information ▼ Send: registered, Qingdao hospital network appointment, without extra waiting, save time and effort send:Flu vaccines, access to Qingdao, booking information, HPV vaccine immunization clinic address phone send: pediatric, obtain district of Qingdao city pediatric daqo send: since the pharmaceutical, hospitals get Qingdao web celebrity from pharmaceutical, cheap and easy to send: psychology, psychological counseling free of charge, have what worry with expert chewed send: business cooperation, get contact information of cooperation, accurate delivery