Qiqihar: During the Spring Festival, the inspections are continuous

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Continuous epidemic prevention and control inspections centering on the gathering of farmers’ markets and large-scale supermarkets’ prevention personnel and the implementation of “Three treasures” of epidemic prevention under normal conditions, inspections were carried out on the warehouse allocation of imported cold chain food, imported normal temperature food, domestic frozen livestock and poultry meat, aquatic products and their products in farmers’ markets and supermarkets.Meanwhile, pharmacies are urged to effectively play the role of “sentinel” in epidemic prevention and control and do a good job in real-name registration of “four types of drugs”.Up to now, 28 market entities have been shut down for violating provisions on epidemic prevention and control and cold-chain food control.Uninterrupted key secret special equipment inspection of scenic spots, crowded places, for premises to conduct investigations, responsibility for special equipment unit using the main body to carry out the situation, conducting supervision and inspection of the existence of serious accidents, regulatory jurisdiction in a timely manner to transfer, and urge regulatory department shall order them to stop using their respective jurisdictions.Uninterrupted for product quality and safety inspection of production enterprises, sales channel network, or wholesale units, shopping malls supermarkets three areas of children’s clothing, children’s toys, electronic appliances, food related products, fireworks, bedding, fuel gas appliances and accessories, and other products for quality supervision and inspection, to product quality and safety of the bottom line.Uninterrupted key commodity prices patrol on business super, farmers market, pharmacy, tourism scenic area, water, electricity, gas, heating, transport and other related units and nucleic acid detection and vaccination in price patrol inspection, increase LiangYouRou food, milk and eggs, and other important people’s livelihood of goods, epidemic prevention, seasonal products, transportation, tourism, nucleic acid testing fees, such as price regulation,We will ensure a stable and orderly market price order.Uninterrupted continued to carry out the food safety supervision and inspection “food AnLongJiang one hundred action”, focus on food production and processing enterprises and small workshops, the farmer’s market, large business super, catering, to carry out the production, circulation and catering, food each link forms full coverage of the supervision and inspection, prevent to resolve food safety risks, ensure food security.Aligning with reporters | Hu Wenyan par edit | Chen li