Sweden has approved the construction of its first nuclear waste repository

2022-07-04 0 By

Stockholm, January 27 (Xinhua)The Swedish government approved the construction of the country’s first nuclear waste repository On Tuesday, in a bid to secure long-term storage of the country’s nuclear waste.It is understood that the nuclear waste repository will use a three-layer barrier of copper tanks, bentonite and bedrock to protect people and the environment from radiation.The waste will be stored in copper tanks, surrounded by bentonite, and placed in bedrock at a depth of about 500 metres.The repository will be able to store 12,000 tons of nuclear waste and is expected to be sealed for 100,000 years.Sweden’s Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management company will build the repository in the town of Fushmark, about 140 kilometers north of Stockholm, it said.The company says it would cost about 19 billion Swedish crowns ($2 billion) to build the repository and its accompanying sealing plant and take about 10 years to build.”The technology and capabilities already exist,” Anneka Strandhal, Sweden’s minister of climate and environment, told a news conference.It is irresponsible to store nuclear waste in tanks and leave it untreated year after year.We must not pass this responsibility on to our children and grandchildren.Our generation must take responsibility for our waste.”However, some Swedish scientists have questioned the safety of the scheme.Peter Szokalosh, of the Royal Institute of Technology, told Swedish television that the copper tanks could crack under corrosion.According to the World Federation of Nuclear Industry, Sweden currently has three nuclear power plants with six reactors, which can meet about 40 percent of the country’s electricity needs.(after)