Make every effort to resolve the “difficulty of registration” and eliminate the “heart disease” among the masses

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West area solid new town joint community “club committee” actively into the neighborhood for publicity, Posting notices, for the masses to solve various problems, further improve the awareness of the mass to dissolve the problems left over by history, identity and participation, dissolve the “registration” problem left over by history as “I get things done for the populace” practice of the practical work of the people’s livelihood, the largestWe will do our utmost to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the people and effectively solve their “urgent, difficult and anxious” problems.West solid area new town in accordance with the “provinces, dissolve the state-owned land sold the town residential” registration “problem left over by history work implementation plan” requirement, set up the first time “double team leader” problems left over by history working group, regularly held special advance will stuck points and difficulties of accurate analysis existence question, precise formulation to resolve problems,We will form a work structure in which party committees exercise unified leadership, the Party and government work together, departments perform their respective duties, and the general public participates in the work.Rely on all parties to grasp the responsibilities of community leaders in charge of work, further clarify the responsibilities of community “social work committees”, and arrange and deploy the work of resolving problems left over by history together with the key work of the community, so as to truly shoulder the responsibility, implement the task, and effectively solve the problem of “difficult registration” left over by history.At the same time, the “social work committee” of each community was organized to comprehensively publicize and resolve the policy through LED screens of the district, wechat groups of owners, video accounts, posters, banners and other ways.Organization committee “club” members, cadres into the community, into the community, into the LouYuan halted, set up a consulting service desk, the scene to residents propaganda on business types and for the process, popularize resolving measures and specific measures of more than 2000 people, the door out to a friend, “” to the entire district general residents such as print 1000 copies, hanging banners 10.In addition, according to the state-owned land sold town housing problems left over by history advance will arrange deployment, four community “club committee member of united villages” volunteer service, by household visits, telephone communication and so on comprehensive carding and collection of real estate registration problems left over by history, historical houses in the area under its jurisdiction MoPai overall statistics,To involve the jurisdiction of blue Star family courtyard 7 building, CCB family courtyard, Dongchuan shantytown, and other 4 residential area 2747 sets of houses to establish a list ledger, the implementation of rolling management, timely inclusion of the number of newly discovered households, cancel has resolved the number of households, to ensure that the inventory of ledger data timely and accurate, to resolve the work to provide important data support;Actively docking area housing authority and other functional departments, anytime and anywhere to grasp the dynamic, understand the information, to eliminate the area of the masses of the “heart disease”.Xigu District Rong Media Center Reporter: Du Jiaxin Editor: Guo Jiong typeset: Li Tongyu