The entrance of taigu East expressway and Taigu North expressway in Jinzhong, Shanxi Province was closed due to the epidemic prevention and control

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Toutiao news official account, before reading this article, please click on the upper right “attention”, every day you like the content, you pay attention to, is our attention.Shanxi real-time information.Emergency notice: Informed by the Taigu District government of Jinzhong, Shanxi, due to epidemic prevention and control, the entrance of Taigu East and Taigu North toll station is closed, and all vehicles are prohibited to enter the expressway.Toll station exit except emergency and part of the unit vehicles with formalities can drive into Taigu County, the rest of the social vehicles are all urged back.High-speed traffic police tips: Epidemic prevention and control is everyone’s responsibility, please make reasonable travel plans for vehicles to and from Taigu, do not travel if it is not necessary.Statement of No.6 Detachment of Shanxi High-speed Traffic Police: The text, video and pictures are from the Internet and major mainstream media.Copyright belongs to the original author, if you think the content is infringed, please contact us to delete.Welcome to like, follow, forward, contribute or leave your opinion, and interact with us.Shanxi real-time information. Editorial office submission email: supervision hotline: 15203467960