There is no central defender barca, how to defeat the first striker of Naples?

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Barcelona in the Europa League, against Napoli, it will be a big game in the Europa League.Despite playing in the Europa League, Uefa still gives Barcelona Champions League status in terms of broadcasting and so on.After all, Barcelona’s skinny camels are bigger than horses, and attendance at camp Nou is guaranteed.Whether Barca can beat Napoli, that is not to say.At a low point in Barcelona, it is normal to win or lose.Winning against Atletico in the league is a real morale boost.But a draw against Espanyol in the league brought the team back to their normal mentality of taking every game seriously.Napoli are third in Serie A and have performed significantly better in the league this season than Barcelona in La Liga.Take a look at the Champions League match between Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain, the whole game Real Madrid did not have a shot on target, long against The great Paris only passive defense.This is la Liga ranked the first Real Madrid, visible overall la Liga is not as strong as before, so Barca Naples is difficult to grasp.The bad news is that araujo has not trained with the squad since picking up an injury against Espanyol and will almost certainly miss the first leg against Napoli.That means Garcia is going to be in the starting lineup, and after watching the Espanyol game, you can see how bad Garcia was.Facing Espanyol like this, facing Napoli, is not equivalent to Barcelona without a central defender as “open”.Pique is old and needs a steady young man at his side, and Araujo is the perfect candidate.Garcia was there, and Pique was always picking up the pieces, and pique was out of his depth.The good news is that Napoli’s top scorer of the season, 23-year-old Osmaine, has not trained with the squad and is also likely to be injured.This is definitely a very good news for barca’s defence.But the 23-year-old, who has scored four goals in 168 minutes in Europa League this season in one start and two substitute appearances, averaged a goal in around 40 minutes, was too much for the Barca defence to bear.In particular, barca’s defensive line will be physically overdrawn and unable to run after about 20 minutes of the game, which means it is easy to collapse.Coincidentally, half of Napoli’s 15 goals in the Europa League this season have come in this period.Visible, if Osmayne can be absent, Barca defense reduced how much pressure.In the case of the opponent’s cutting edge, is conducive to Barca “attack instead of defense” to win the game, Barca rely on defense is unable to defend.Look at the forward line these players to force.Traore’s return to Barcelona, the fans are unanimous praise.Luc de Jong’s form has also been hot going into 2022 and he has plenty of experience in the Europa League.Aubameyang also played in the Europa League semi-final and scored a hat-trick.Whether the two men can play better in the Europa League also depends on whether Barca can progress to the next round.The first leg will be at the Nou Camp, where we will try to score goals and try to keep a clean sheet.Then go to Italy napoli home, will have more chances.Barcelona have to defend against draws, they have played too many draws this season.Ten wins and nine draws in La Liga.