Biquan comments: let “Xiangtan made” better to the world

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Biquan took advantage of “Hunan and Guangdong Fei” to explore the world.On March 28, the “Hunan Guangdong Africa” Hunan Geely Auto export train debuted in Xiangtan Comprehensive Security Zone.Xiangtan, officially integrated into the channel of “Xiang-Guangdong Non-rail-sea combined Transport”, has become the first city and state in Our province to use the continuous way and go out relying on the international logistics channel.By this dongfeng, more “Xiangtan manufacturing” will be better to the world.This is an initiative to seize development opportunities.Not sidelining, not relying on the sea, as an inland city, Xiangtan to develop export-oriented economy, take the initiative to attack.Grasping the opportunity of the construction of the five international logistics channels in Our province, Xiangtan has opened the door wider.Based on actual, xiangtan active docking “xiang yue not iron sea transport operators, in the province with the support from the relevant departments, premenstrual several rounds of consultations, success to hunan xiang yue fly international logistics co., LTD and xiangtan geely automobile reach international logistics cooperation, xiangtan successfully entered the hunan and guangdong nonferrous sea transport channel” friends “.Xiangtan’s good products will also take this channel to “go out”.This is our mission to build a highland of openness.The Xiang-Guangdong rail-sea combined transport channel is an important channel to connect the Yangtze River Economic Belt and smooth hunan’s international trade.With the signing of the strategic cooperation framework agreement between Xiangtan Comprehensive Free Trade Zone and Hunan Xiangyue Fei International Logistics Co., LTD., enterprises in the zone will benefit from the economic, convenient and stable logistics channel, reduce the cost of comprehensive logistics, and better go to the world.Xiangtan will also make full use of the international logistics channels in Hunan, Guangdong and Africa to promote the integration of enterprises into the “Belt and Road” construction, and form a new development pattern of port opening driven, channel service guarantee, park market feeding and connecting the two markets.This is a vivid illustration of improving the business environment.It is the responsibility of local party committees and governments to be the “booster” of enterprise development.In order to help Geely Auto Xiangtan Base to further expand its export business, Xiangtan Municipal Party Committee and Government made joint efforts with a number of units to promote the launch, technical exchanges and cooperation signing of the “Hunan guangdong Africa” Geely Auto export Train project.The channel of “Hunan guangdong Africa” not only reduces the transportation cost for enterprises, improves the timeliness of transportation, but also accelerates Geely Auto from Xiangtan to the world and expand overseas markets.Open development and embrace the world.With the east wind of the non-rail-sea combined transportation between Hunan and Guangdong, Xiangtan will certainly take advantage of the trend and move forward with the trend to promote “Xiangtan Manufacturing” to a broader market and make greater contributions to the development of the city and the province’s foreign trade.>> Return xiangtan online home page copyright to the original author all, to pay tribute to the original