Guan Zhilin after all how tease?Look at her that year and Jacky Cheung appeared that moment, netizen: loop 10 times

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When the goddess rosamund kwan on their social platform released his latest dynamic, many people are feeling at the same time could not help thinking of her young, rosamund kwan is so beautiful at that time, at the peak of her career, she is, she has more than 20 years old of girls should be confident.Guan Zhilin is a lot of people’s childhood memories, there is no so-called filter at that time, there is no exaggerated modeling, the appearance level of stars are real existence, so Guan Zhilin was the goddess of the time.Rosamund kwan’s works even on now there are many people watch out, for they rosamund kwan this three words represent their youth, there may be a lot of people don’t understand, perhaps I can explain so, rosamund kwan, in the position in the middle of the back 80 like Justin in 90 households, TFBOYS after 00 as important position.Rosamund kwan had to be a special guest to attend Jacky cheung’s concert, Jacky cheung to come when the pitch is actually there are many fans screaming, when he took the goddess slowly emerged from behind the scenes, the atmosphere of the court is the highest level, then they smile is so beautiful, even the picture frames in any act at random, is beautiful,Netizens have said, see me cycle 10 times!At that time, Guan zhilin was wearing the most common pink slip dress, her hair did not do any retouching, wearing a light makeup, but still amazed everyone present.Especially the scene where she looked back and smiled, I think many people can’t forget it.In the twinkling of an eye, Guan Zhilin has grown from a young girl into a sexy big woman, through these years she released the photos we can know that she lived very well, a lot of people think Guan Zhilin changed a lot, she is no longer as beautiful as before, but for her, plain is also a kind of beauty.