More than 500 “beauticians” for the county

2022-07-06 0 By

In the morning of February 19, the county public service center carried out environmental health cleaning activities, focusing on improving the environmental health quality of the county.In the activity, garden workers to strengthen the square, park, garden green zone dry branches and leaves cleaning, improve the quality of urban green landscape, to create a beautiful and harmonious livable county green landscape.Sanitation workers strengthen the daily cleaning work in urban areas, increase the frequency of garbage cleaning, the use of small high-pressure washing machine to wash the stubborn stains on pedestrian sidewalks, while high-pressure washing and sweeping cars to clean the road surface, comprehensively eliminate the accumulated dust and stains on the road surface, to ensure that the road without dust, see the color.The environmental health cleaning activities, the public service center dispatched garden, sanitation workers more than 500 people, sweeper, small washing vehicles, garbage transport vehicles and more than 100 times, through in-depth and meticulous work, for the masses to create a clean, clean, comfortable living environment.Source: Microcosmic qu Zhou