Settle!The yunnan test will be held on April 16

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In April 2022, yunnan university teachers’ qualification examination (hereinafter referred to as the “university teachers’ qualification examination”), yunnan province, is scheduled for April 16 admissions testing recently announcement relating to matters to enter oneself for an examination the following left left left one, the test time, test lesson 2, enter oneself for an examination the object and conditions, the exam outline (a) enter oneself for an examination object does not meet the national statutory retirement age and have to undertakeTeaching staff who have the ability to teach a course in the teaching plan of the university, who have not obtained the teaching certificate of the university, and the teaching staff to be hired.(2) Entry conditions 1.Applicants should abide by national laws and regulations, love education, have good political quality, abide by the ten principles of professional conduct of teachers in colleges and universities, and have no bad conduct and criminal record.2.Applicants should have a bachelor’s degree or above.3.Applicants of public institutions of higher learning should meet one of the following conditions :(1) on-the-job staff of institutions of higher learning;(2) in yunnan university, kunming university of science and technology, yunnan normal university, kunming medical college, yunnan agricultural university, southwest university for nationalities in yunnan, yunnan university of finance and economics, forestry university, yunnan art institute, yunnan traffic vocational technology college, yunnan technician college (yunnan transportation vocational college) as a pilot unit, expand the autonomyProfessional and technical personnel who have signed labor contracts with the above pilot universities for 3 years or more (or without fixed term) and passed the examination after the probation period;(3) The affiliated teaching hospitals of the above pilot universities plan to hire professional technical personnel with intermediate or above professional positions in health to undertake teaching tasks.(4) Persons who have signed labor contracts with private colleges and universities for 3 years or more (or without fixed term) according to law.(3) the exam outline of colleges and universities teachers’ qualification examination formulated with the personnel department of the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Education test center, east China normal university press published “the pedagogic exam outline (applicants) is suitable for the college teachers’ qualification exam outline of education psychology (applicants) is suitable for the college teachers’ qualification for the exam outline.3. Registration time: From 9:00 on February 28, 2022 to 17:00 on March 11, 2022, candidates shall log in to “Yunnan Province Teacher Certification Course Examination Registration System (” for registration. Overdue registration will not be accepted.(In case of holidays during the registration period, the online registration system will be open normally.)(B) It is recommended to use 360 browser speed mode for registration.(C) The registration system is only open during the registration period.Iv. Registration Process and Payment Instructions The registration process is completed online without on-site confirmation.Such as online registration is not successful, need to carry the period of validity of resident identity card (or the period of validity of paper temporary id), school personnel management department seal of eligible to enter oneself for an examination to enter oneself for an examination certificate, contact the confirmation point during the online registration for artificial certification (each state confirmation point contact information see the attachment).Candidates who registered under the old system before 2021 need to re-register;Candidates who have registered in the “Yunnan Provincial Teacher Certification Course Examination Registration System (” (the new system) in 2021 do not need to re-register, but use the original admission ticket number and password to register.Each candidate can register a maximum of three admission ticket numbers.(1) New examinee registration process 1.Registration of new candidates.New candidates log in “Yunnan Province Teacher Qualification Course Examination Registration System” home page registration, according to the prompts to improve personal information.After successful registration, a 12-digit admission ticket number is generated and the initial password used to send SMS messages is used to log in to the system.The admission ticket number obtained by the examinee can be reused, and can be directly logged in at the next registration. There is no need to register again.2.After the login is successful, complete the To-do list before proceeding to the next step.3.Register for a course.Enter the “I want to register” module, according to the prompts to choose the courses to register for this examination and complete the payment will be registered successfully.The registration process for old candidates (especially those who have registered in 2021) is the same as that for “New Candidates registration Process”.Candidates who forget the admission ticket number or password can use the “forget the admission ticket number” or “Forget the password” function, according to the page prompts.(3) The selection of test sites in the province’s 16 cities and cities to arrange the test sites selected by the examinee registration confirmation point in the city of unified arrangements.(IV) Registration fee Is approved in accordance with the document no. 58 of Cloud Pricing fee (2016). The registration fee for the Teacher Qualification Examination for Colleges and Universities in Yunnan Province is 30 YUAN per subject (RMB).Please check whether all information is correct before payment. If the course registration is wrong and the payment has been made successfully, you cannot change or refund the fee. You can only register a new test number and re-register for payment.Candidates can only use wechat to pay the registration fee.The registration fee will not be refunded if the candidate fails to take part in the test after the successful registration and payment.From 9:00 a.m. on April 11, 2022, candidates can log in to “Yunnan Provincial Teacher Certification Course Examination Registration System (” to download and print the admission ticket.The admission ticket shall be printed on ordinary A4 paper. Any markings on both sides of the ticket are strictly prohibited.The previous admission ticket will no longer be used.About 15 days before the test, Yunnan Provincial Admission And Examination Institute will release the Notice for Examinees on Precautions for Epidemic Prevention and Control according to the real-time situation. Examinees are requested to pay attention to the website and wechat official account of Yunnan Recruitment Channel and take the test in accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control.When taking the examination, the examinee must bring the resident id card within the validity period (or the paper temporary ID card within the validity period) and the admission ticket to take the examination.Candidates must strictly abide by the rules of the examination room. It is strictly forbidden to carry any communication tools into the examination room and use electronic tools with storage, receiving and transmitting functions.Any violation of discipline and law, according to the “National Education examination violations” (Ministry of Education order No. 33) and “the People’s Republic of China criminal Law amendment (nine)” seriously investigated.Candidates can pay attention to the announcement of “Yunnan Recruitment Channel” about one month after the end of the test to inquire the test result.The examinee who has any objection to the result can apply for the result review at the registration confirmation point in each city within 3 working days from the date of the result announcement.Provincial admission examination institute does not check scores directly to examinees.(1) Candidates should register for one or two courses according to their own circumstances, and take the exams according to the relevant provisions of the provincial teacher qualification examination.(2) Candidates must meet the requirements of the examination.Carefully check the authenticity and accuracy of the information filled in when registering for the examination. If the interview, identification and other follow-up procedures cannot be completed due to false report, concealment, misreport, omission or failure to meet the requirements of the examination, all consequences shall be borne by the examinee himself.Ten, consultation telephone registration consultation: 0871-65153949, 0871-65127758 examination policy consultation: 0871-65112453 check the universities and colleges in each city teacher qualification course examination registration confirmation point contact information source: Yunnan Recruitment Examination Institute, Yunnan issued