Simple and efficient Samsung Type-C USB3.1 flash drive experience evaluation

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Flash drives, also known as flash drives, have always been a must-have storage device for consumers.As personal storage needs diversify, mobile SOLID-state drives (SSDS) and web disks can be used as alternatives, but that doesn’t mean flash drives have lost their market.As small and elegant storage devices, the usb stick has always had its niche, in many cases more than web disks or mobile solid-state drives.At present, USB USB is still the main interface in the market, USB USB interface has been gradually more and more in recent years, after all, the current PC device support for Type-C port is also gradually popular, USB application scenarios have been epic strengthened.Type-c usb drives also have the important advantage of being directly compatible with most existing Android devices as well as apple devices that use Type-C ports, such as the iPad Pro, providing a reliable and fast way to transfer data between devices.Samsung recently released a new Type C flash drive that can be connected to smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers for data storage and transfer.Now that the new product has been released in China, let’s take a look at the performance of the Type-C flash drive.Samsung Storage also has experience with Type-c flash drives.Back in 2017, Samsung brought its first USB 3.1-based and Type-C flash drives to consumers.The maximum transmission speed of this product can reach 150MB/s, ranking among the top of usb disk category products at that time.Five years on, new Type-C flash drives are getting a wave of upgrades.Samsung’s new Type-C flash drives this year look very similar to the original, also based on USB 3.1, but are much faster and feel better.According to official data, Samsung’s type-c flash drive can read at a speed of 400MB/s, which is also ahead of its current counterparts.We also use Crystal Disk Mark, ATTO DiskBenchmark, TxBench and other software to test the theoretical performance of Samsung Type-C flash Disk.The first is Crystal Disk Mark. The measured continuous reading speed and write speed of Samsung Type-C flash Disk can reach 420MB/s and nearly 115MB/s under the condition of empty Disk.The read speed is already higher than the official 400MB/s, and 115MB/s is still a good write speed for a flash drive product, after all, most of the same type of products on the market still maintain 50-60MB/s write speed.The bar chart of ATTO Disk Benchmark shows the stability of usb drives.From the software test, the reading speed of Samsung Type-C flash disk can reach about 402MB/s when the test file is 1MB, and then it can maintain the peak reading speed of about 400MB/s.The read speed decreases after the file size reaches 48MB/s, but it can still stay above 260MB/s.In addition, according to the HD Tune Pro software file benchmark 40GB file read and write test results, The Samsung Type-C flash drive showed a gradual increase or decrease in read speed, but generally maintained peak performance.The write speed can always be maintained above 100MB/s, which is a very excellent read/write level of flash disk, and also proves the read/write performance and reliability of Samsung Type-C flash disk.What are the application scenarios of usb disk at this stage?Even though at present we can transfer some small files online via email, wechat or QQ, in terms of actual use experience, short distance file transfer, network disk or real-time chat tool transmission is very advantageous under 2GB, but after exceeding the experience will decline.I personally prefer to use flash drives for short distance file transfers within the company.Because upload and download speeds usually depend only on the Internet speed, and also on whether the file transfer parties are charged with membership…The flexibility of the usb drive makes it easy to physically transfer files from one colleague to another.Now, The Samsung flash drive with The Type-C port also brings the transmission speed to A position that usB-A interface could not reach before. The actual transmission efficiency is very high, even touching the speed threshold of some SATA SSDS.Let’s take a look at the actual file transfer test. The high-performance notebook device used as the test platform is equipped with a 12th generation Intel Core I7-12700H processor, 16GB DDR5 4800MHz memory also from Samsung, and the target hard drive is PCIe NVMe SSD.The measured reading and writing speed can reach 7GB/s and 4GB/s respectively.The port is USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C.According to the official, it takes only 11s to transfer 4GB files using Samsung Type-C flash drive. The actual test can achieve this standard whether 4GB video files or 4GB RAW photos, or even faster.It took only 50 seconds to transfer 300 18GB RAW photos to drive C of the test platform, and only 40 seconds to write 4GB 1080P movies to the flash drive, with an average speed above 105MB/s.From the outside, Samsung’s new Type-C flash drive retains almost the same design as its predecessor — delicate, compact and compact.The flash drive, which comes in only one color, Aurora Blue, weighs just 3.4 grams, even lighter than a fudge bar, and is portable and full of pull.The lid is separated from the body, which admittedly increases the risk of loss for such a light and small flash drive.Samsung has retained the tether design, which allows the lid to attach to the flash drive, and also allows the flash drive to be threaded into keychains, name tags and other locations without taking up weight.Compared with the traditional USB-A port, the C-port USB drive is more compatible and can be connected to smartphones, tablets and other devices besides laptops and desktop computers.After plugging into the phone, users can view the file data in the usb flash drive through the file management APP.This is also suitable for users who do not have enough mobile phone storage space and mind the speed of the cloud disk. It is very suitable to save pictures, high-quality music, 4K movies and so on with a usb disk.Meanwhile, Samsung Type-C can also be backed up to the flash drive for those who are worried about losing their files.In the 256GB version, for example, Samsung’s Type-C flash drive can store 63,730 photos or up to 12 hours of 4K video.(Image size 4032×3024 12MP, average file size 3.84MB;The size of 4K ultra HD video is 3840×2160 30fps, and the average size of a 30-minute video is 10.1GB.The body supports water resistance (up to 72 hours in 1 m deep water (3% sodium chloride brine), shock resistance (up to 1500g), magnetic resistance (up to 15000 Gauss), high temperature resistance (operating temperature range: 0°C to 60°C, non-operating temperature range:-10°C to 70°C) and X ray interference (up to 100 Roentgen rays), and Samsung officially offers a five-year limited warranty to make it easy to use.On the whole, Samsung Type-C USB3.1 flash disk has the leading transmission speed of similar products, 64GB-256GB storage specification design is also suitable for the current usb disk positioning and application scenarios, “five protection” feature and 5-year limited warranty support are enough to protect users’ data.For users, a superior speed, reliable protection of the flash drive is very necessary, and at the right price, this flash drive is worth our consideration.