The new Snapdragon 8 flagship is stable!Calm is the key, the other details are the focus

2022-07-06 0 By

In the field of mobile phone chips, chip performance or sales, qualcomm belong to the world leading level, and 4 nm process Xiao dragon 8 the emergence of the mobile platform, but also laid a qualcomm flagship status in the field of mobile phone chips, many mobile phone manufacturers have released based on 8 Xiao dragon’s flagship model, there are a lot of enterprises are also released new Xiao dragon 8 carrying cell phones release plan.From the currently released Snapdragon 8 flagship models, we have reached such a common conclusion that almost every core parameter, no matter CPU, GPU or 5G, is full.Ann rabbit rabbit runs minute millionaire easily, can easily run full frame rate high quality “the king of glory,” battlefield stimulation “, such as games, and half an hour after the body temperature of only around 40 degrees, compared with the previous generation Xiao dragon 888 had greatly reduced, coupled with the major mobile phone manufacturers have bypassed the tread pit last year, under the cooling system and the optimization of the latest,The Snapdragon 8’s heat control is pretty good.In general, the snapdragon 8 flagship is stable.However, “calm” is just a stepping stone, other details may be the focus of our attention.First of all, the new snapdragon 8 has upgraded all the previous three 14bit isps to 18bit, and its ability to capture dynamic range image data has been increased by more than 4,000 times. Previously, it could record 4K HDR video, but now it can easily record 8K HDR+ video, and the power consumption during recording is reduced by 50%.This let everyone dare not imagine before the shooting function, finally crammed into the mobile phone between the square inch.At night and in the test image ability has also ushered in the larger upgrade, thanks to three 18 bit ISP, combining Xiao dragons on 8 seventh generation AI engine, makes support during the process of filming “super frame engine”, through the synthesis of 6 images before, and now is raised to 30, a sharp rise in the dark environment photos of purity and brightness,Thus reducing the original nature of the main body.Xiao dragon 8 is also integrated with the fourth intellisense ISP ultra-low power consumption, always online, at the same time of user privacy, equipped with front cameras can real-time face recognition for users, not only can improve the speed and accuracy of face unlock, at the same time also can prevent the stranger peek behind the users of mobile phone screen.Second, upgrade the game experience.In addition to the GPU enhancements, Snapdragon 8 also comes with Snapdragon Elite Gaming, the fourth generation of Snapdragon Elite Gaming, which is a collection of technology enhancements to the game.This generation also introduced the stereoscopic rendering technology common in PC and console games, making smoke diffusion in games more realistic.In addition, Adreno image motion engine is also introduced for FPS and other high frame rate games, which enables users to achieve effects similar to “frame interpolation compensation” in FPS games, enabling games to run at a higher frame rate without increasing power consumption on the premise of guaranteeing picture quality. It can be said that,This, in a way, paves the way for the next generation of high quality, high frame rate games.Secondly, the improvement of 5G signal, which is the most core technology in the “post-5G era”, is also an important basis for giving full play to the advantages of hardware.The snapdragon X65 integrated with the new Snapdragon 8 not only supports 5G millimeter wave and sub6 network’s maximum downlink peak of 10Gbps, but also brings AI antenna coordination technology and a new generation of power tracking solutions.It can not only adapt the Snapdragon 8 phone to 5G network in most complex scenarios, but also bring users 5G network experience with ultra-low latency, ultra-high speed and higher energy efficiency.In addition, the AI of the new Snapdragon 8 has penetrated into all aspects, bringing users more innovative experiences in photography, video, gaming, security and intelligent experience.The combination of the new Snapdragon 8 in various aspects is also a decisive factor in consumers’ preference.