As an industry standard maker, Chery New energy won the honor of enterprise standard “pacemaker”

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On March 31, 2022, the 2021 Enterprise Standard “Frontrunner” Conference was officially held under the guidance of the State Administration for Market Regulation and hosted by China Institute of Standardization and Enterprise Standard “Frontrunner” Alliance.The purpose of this conference is to promote the quality of products and services based on enterprise product and service standards.At this conference, Chery New Energy won the 2021 enterprise standard “pacemaker” award by virtue of the popular model “Chery Leech”.This “Frontrunner” conference strictly screens the products of enterprises from the dimensions of corporate responsibility, product performance, service quality and innovative spirit.In order to better promote the upgrading of enterprise standards and guide the improvement of product quality, Chery New Energy has been carrying out in-depth cooperation and exchanges with China Automobile Institute since last year.After a long wait, Chery New Energy and Chery Little Ant broke through the strict test and became the focus of attention.As early as 2014, Chery New Energy launched the first pure electric vehicle in China, becoming the leader of New energy vehicles in China.Small ants appeared after 3 years, chery opened up a new way in the field of new energy, instant detonating market, with a high level of appearance, high intelligence, high security, great product strength to win the recognition of the broad masses of users and the market support, and achieved from 1 to 300000, emerged to lead the whole process, from a 100000 yuan below level leader in pure electric cars.As the leader in the field of new energy vehicles in China, Chery New Energy always implements independent innovation and sets leading industry standards by making good products for customers.At the same time, chery small ants with excellent quality and exquisite attribute has received the high reputation in the industry, with lightweight technology won the first prize in “China auto industry science and technology progress prize”, at the same time also won consecutive “annual passenger car top ten popular models”, “the most popular pure electric mini”, “annual best electric mini by word of mouth” 40 don’t honor awards at all levels.Chery Ant can stand out from many well-known models, is the result of years of technological precipitation and reputation accumulation.Chery Little Ant always adhere to the concept of “customer first”, based on the travel needs of users, only to create a better understanding of women’s pure electric car benchmark work, for the industry to develop the first-class standard of pure electric car.The past is prologue, the future is to look forward to.Chery New Energy research and development started in 1999, focusing on the research and development of new energy vehicles, adhering to independent innovation, and gradually established an international vehicle development process and first-class enterprise standard system.As an automobile enterprise that has been deeply engaged in the field of new energy vehicles for more than 20 years, Chery New Energy has continuously mastered core technologies and created excellent travel quality as a leader.In the future, Chery New Energy will continue to lead the little Ant forward, always take the user’s scene demand as the guidance, and meet the user’s expectation with more exquisite quality and excellent service.At the same time, Chery New And New Energy will continue to adapt to the era of “new, Four modernizations” and carry out green travel to the end.Let’s look forward to the future development of Chery Little Ant and continue to advance towards the world’s first female car!