Congratulations James!Surpass Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, break the all-time record, strongest 37-year-old player, blame himself for losing

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Klay Thompson scored 16 points in the final quarter of the lakers’ 117-115 victory over the Golden State Warriors in their third-straight loss in the NBA’s second-place series against the ninth-place warriors on Sunday.The player most responsible for the loss was James, who struggled offensively in the final quarter as the lakers’ leader, making 1 of 10 field goals and 1 of 3 free throws.By contrast, Klay Thompson scored 16 points in the quarter and the Splash brothers scored 57 points in the game to help golden State win, and James, as the face of the Lakers, was not up to his game in the clutch.But as far as personal stats go, James finished with 26 points, 15 rebounds and eight assists on 9-of-27 shooting.The 26 points put James past Kareem abdul-Jabbar’s 44,149 for career regular-season and postseason points, making him the NBA’s all-time leader in regular-season and postseason points.In addition, it was James’ 22nd straight game with more than 25 points, the most of his career, second most this season behind Philadelphia’s Embiid, and the first player over 30 in NBA history to do so in 22 consecutive 25-point games.And when it comes to scoring at least 25 points in 22 straight games, plus making at least one 3-pointer in every game, only James has done that.Arguably, the 37-year-old James has the greatest vision of a 37-year-old player in history, at least on the offensive end, James has done something that has never been done before, and fans have been amazed.Unfortunately, the Lakers lost in the context of James’ consecutive record setting, especially because of James’ poor performance at key moments. After the game, James took the initiative to blame himself for the loss, saying that the loss was caused by himself, and he needs to bear the most responsibility.”I definitely didn’t play well enough to help the team win,” James said.It’s worth noting that the fact that the Lakers were able to play the warriors, who now have the second-best record in the NBA, to the last minute is a sign that they are getting back on track. Westbrook, who has been criticized for a long time so far this season, played well, scoring 19 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists on 7-of-13 shooting, with a plus-2 performance.Coach Jerry Vogel said that although the team lost, but continue to play this performance, he is confident that the team can achieve something in the playoffs.It’s hard to lose, but westbrook’s recovery is important for the lakers. The lakers didn’t make any trades at the trade deadline, which means they need to play the entire season with their current roster, and James needs westbrook’s recovery to play better together and win more games.(Lin Xiaoshi)