Gansu people’s pain!These three “strength” wines are made of 100% pure grain, but they cannot go out

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Gansu people’s pain!These 3 “strength” wine, is 100% pure grain wine, but can not go out “Gansu is not big, create a myth” when thinking of Gansu many people subconsciously will call out this sentence with evil words.Also this sentence, let the unknown Gansu overnight points, leading to everyone’s impression of Gansu is ambiguous.In fact, Gansu is famous silk Road at home and abroad, is colorful gansu with picturesque scenery, but also a long history of Gansu, Gansu people are simple, almost everyone living here is a “man”, their personality fortitude, hospitality, drinking is also extremely fierce.Say wine, few people might know what is the famous in gansu, but to say to drink, is hardly a province of gansu population “rival”, it’s really not blown, in gansu province, people’s eyes is like drinking water, drinking you and gansu people drinking is not a simple drink, this is a “bloody” say so many, what is the gansu province famous good wine?▶ I will share with you today 3 “strength” wines from Gansu people, all of which are 100% pure grain wines.▶ Hongchuan Tequ Hongchuan tequ has: Cold wine produced in Hongchuan, famous throughout Kyushu and Ganquan wine, exclusive drinking the wind “title.Sichuan Tequ wine is made by processing and scientific blending in traditional techniques. Hongchuan Tequ wine is made by mixing sorghum and wheat, etc. These are one of the conditions for the success of hongchuan Tequ wine brewing. Because of its long history, Hongchuan Tequ wine is favored and chased by People in Gansu.And fragrant fragrance make this wine in Gansu People’s Daily life must drink one of the wine, unfortunately, such a good pure grain wine can not go out of the province.▶ PuKang wu wine “in north-west ‘really like iron, now moving more from scratch” this sentence actually means the PuKang wu wine, this is a 100% pure grain liquor, not only accumulated a thick wine cultural and historical background, and inherits the unique brewing technology, makes wuwei wine ancient and magical, PuKang wine sink like gansu people gathered, honest,You can from the outside can see this is actually not that much, there are just a plain and simple, in the plain, revealed the true temperament, is a kind of free from vulgarity, is a kind of sober, is a kind of distinctive character, but also because of modest character, is a kind of gansu people more respect and trust in the man.In Gansu Wu wine orthodox wine, wine taste mellow, wine reputation longda, great reputation, and taste refreshing, cold, fragrant, not inferior to high-grade wine, but this wine is now a lot of people are afraid to forget, to know that the original PuKang wu wine famous for a while, in Gansu no wine can compare with him,Unfortunately, this wine eventually declined for various reasons.▶ riverside nine grain fluid of gansu binhe nine grain fluid is to high-quality sorghum, corn, rice, peas, wheat and so on several different types of food in a cellar, collection of nine food compound in a bottle of wine, using traditional craft and modern technology combined with each other finally made and become, for the riverside nine grain fluid I think as long as it is gansu people drank, wine with a little bit of scent,When you drink it, you feel a warm current flowing in your body. There is no intoxication, but it is very comfortable. This is binhe nine grain liquid.Riverside nine grain liquid is at the beginning of Gansu people most optimistic, the most hopeful out of the wine, did not expect or failed.Originally this wine will eventually go out of Gansu, gansu is the most promising wine to go out, but eventually because of the influence of various factors did not go out, which can not help but let a person regret.Across the country, good wines from Gansu are not the only ones being buried. There are also similar wines from other provinces, such as the one FROM Moutai town, Guizhou Province — Yuande Imitation Wine.This is a maotai-style good wine, the owner and Maotai similar taste, high cost performance, packaging atmosphere.It takes five years of cellaring and one year of brewing. It adopts daqu kunsha technology and goes through more than 1,000 processes to make this wine come out. The wine body is transparent and free of impurities, with a fragrance that makes many wine lovers praise it after drinking.