On February 18, pingluo County meteorological Bureau issued a blue warning of “level IV/general” for strong winds

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Pingluo county meteorological observatory 02, 2022 released 18, 00 49 points when the wind blue warning: all the pingluo county township has 4 to 5 northerly winds: over the next 12 hours, all pingluo county town more than magnitude 5 northerly winds, wind 7 to 8 class, please related department and pay attention to the broad masses to do a good job of wind, fire prevention.(Information source: National Early Warning Issuing Center) Defense guidelines 1. The government and relevant departments shall do a good job in preventing strong winds according to their duties;2. Close doors and Windows, reinforce hoardings, scaffolding, billboards and other structures vulnerable to wind, properly place outdoor items vulnerable to wind, and cover construction materials;3. Pedestrians should avoid riding bicycles as much as possible, and do not stay under billboards and temporary structures when it is windy.Units such as expressways shall take measures to ensure traffic safety, and relevant departments and units shall pay attention to the fire prevention of forests and grasslands.