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The author | Rickzhang product | bullet the moment the world economy into a financial instability and uncertainty of Mr Uka era.Uka, a transliteration of VUCA, is an acronym for Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous.In the wake of the 2020 pandemic, “The Era of Uka” has become a buzzword.Li Daokui, a famous economist, had a deep understanding of the Uka era.In his keynote speech at the 36krypton WISE2021 new economy Kings summit, he said the world economy can now be defined as “a black swan with three gray rhinos.”In his view, “a black swan” is the COVID-19 pandemic, which has lasted for nearly two years.The “three gray rhinos” are the potential economic crises caused by COVID-19, including rising global debt levels, readjustment of industrial chains and carbon emissions.Therefore, Li daokui believes that enterprises need to “shift from traditional growth methods to new growth methods” if they want to meet the challenges of the Uka era.He believes that the least controversial and universally acceptable new growth point is the “hardcore breakthrough”.As for the connotation of “hardcore” breakthrough, feng Dagang, CEO of 36 Krypton, once defined and explained this.In his eyes, “hardcore” consists of two levels: one is more technology content and manufacturing content, to conquer those basic and once very difficult technical areas, to form their own technical barriers;The other is more social responsibility, from managing only themselves to being responsible for the world.It is no exaggeration to say that China is now moving from simple model innovation to the new economic era of technological innovation and technological innovation, and then to the core era of the new economy.After all, the previous four industrial revolutions were for everyone.This is exactly li Daokui’s point of view, that is, “today more than any era needs to enhance the core strength of enterprises”.1. Core and symbiosis why do current enterprises need to invest in core technology and adhere to the concept of symbiosis in order to have good development?First, because in good times, companies don’t pay a lot of constant attention to basic development technologies.However, in the era of Uka, the strategy of simply looking at three or five years is not feasible. Enterprises must start from the long-term concept of development, master the core technology through the research of basic technology and basic theory, and follow the social value to form the real development core of the enterprise, so as to make a breakthrough in the market.(figure/graph, based on the type VRF (variable refrigerant flowrate) protocol) the sustainable development of the outbreak in a certain period, profound changes the stock of economic forms, combined with the development of science and technology has already exceeded expectations, as we have never been so closely connected with the whole world, small to the connection between the customer and enterprise, the connection between the supply chain,Even the connections between countries and regions are changing.As a matter of fact, there are about three kinds of breakthroughs in core science and technology that Chinese enterprises are facing at present. One is the technologies that must be broken through in the frontier, which means that China must not be absent in the currently recognized technological frontiers such as quantum computing, AI and artificial intelligence.The other is so-called “stuck neck” technology, a result of Chinese companies’ long reliance on international supply chains.Of course, the international situation in the past two years has taught Chinese companies to realize this;Finally, it is the application of new business models or business scenarios that can solve the pain points of people’s lives by using new technologies, which actually means that enterprises have encountered new development opportunities.Secondly, many problems encountered by enterprises cannot be solved by themselves, and the corresponding value orientation also makes enterprises more and more willing to undertake social value.From this point of view, collaboration has replaced cooperation and become a major value orientation that many enterprises must face.Because the external factors become more important to the enterprise.Like this pandemic, it has forced almost every business to change its way of development;In addition, the relationship between enterprises has changed. In the Era of Uka, due to the uncertainty of external factors and the more thorough influence brought by the interconnection of everything, the core of the relationship between enterprises has changed from cooperation to collaboration.Only in this way can a value network emerge, and the members of the network can interact with each other, exchange resources and share values, thus creating high-quality development that cannot be achieved by a single organization.2. What should hardcore change do?At present, Chinese enterprises are undergoing a transformation from soft to hard innovation, and enterprises that comply with this transformation will gradually have their own core technology on the basis of strengthening research and development capabilities.In a sense, the digital economy is the past and future of Chinese enterprises through the cycle of the killer mace.In the past year of 2020, 32 of the 47 major countries in the global economy had negative GDP growth.At the same time, the digital economy grew at a rapid rate of 5.8%, reaching a total size of $32.6 trillion.Therefore, the digital economy must be integrated with industry to have a future, as industry accounts for 84.4 percent of the main component of economic growth.In Li daokui’s view, There are two new growth points in China’s economy. One is to “try to release the purchasing power of one billion people”, and the other is to “insist on upgrading and upgrading industries”.For entrepreneurs, the former is a huge market with a promising future.The latter is the strategy that needs to be implemented.According to the latest data released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, China’s industrial added value increased from 23.5 trillion yuan to 31.3 trillion yuan, during which China’s manufacturing accounted for nearly 30% of the world’s manufacturing industry.In fact, China has been the world’s largest manufacturing country for 11 consecutive years since 2010.We can see that The industrial structure of China’s manufacturing industry is being optimized and upgraded, and its innovation capacity is significantly enhanced.But at the same time, it should be clearly seen that There is still a certain gap before China can become a real manufacturing power.In particular, against the backdrop of the epidemic, the global economic situation is still uncertain, and the global industrial chain and supply chain are at risk of being cut off. This has exposed the weakness and weakness of China’s industrial chain and supply chain, and the difficulties and pressures faced by some enterprises, which have brought uncertainty to the industrial economy.China’s economy is shifting from high-speed development to high-quality development, and Its manufacturing enterprises are moving into the third stage of innovation.The future of China’s manufacturing industry only lies in technological innovation, which is based on a wide range of technologies, including basic technology, core technology, engineering technology, system technology and Internet technology.Now when we talk about core + symbiosis, the core is actually how to realize the strategic transformation of the enterprise.In the process of choosing the direction of enterprise “core” breakthrough, strategic determination is the most important.In a sense, a revolution is successful only when at least 68.5% of the people are on board.Therefore, when the enterprise “core” transformation into the deepwater zone, the matching and upgrading of organizational capabilities is very important.Midea group, which consumers are familiar with, is a particularly good example of a “hardcore” transition.Midea group faces C – end home appliances to calculate old line.Financial reports show that in the first half of 2021, the online sales of home appliance business reached 52 billion yuan, up 20% year on year;The sales volume of home appliances on tmall, JINGdong, Suning and other platforms has topped the list for nine consecutive years.But that is only the part of the performance that is visible to the outside world.Behind this, is the idea of ten years of hard core transformation story.As early as 10 years ago, Fang Hongbo, chairman of midea Group, began to realize that the era of home appliance development brought by labor bonus had passed.Midea can only promote the upgrading of the global industrial chain by taking leading science and technology as its core.With the strategic direction, Midea focuses on breakthrough, innovation and layout. In 2011, midea established three strategic spindles of “product leading, efficiency driven and global operation”, showing a diversified development pattern.In the following years, Midea took “science and technology” as the axis, upheld the belief of promoting “Made in China” to millions of households, and carried out industrial planning in an orderly manner.In 2020, Midea Group announced that its overall business structure would change from four business segments of consumer appliances, HVAC, robotics and automation systems, and innovation business to five new business segments: smart home, mechanical and electrical business group, building technology, robotics and automation, and digital innovation business.Among them, one of the five plates of Midea electromechanical, also recently changed its name to “Midea industrial technology”, and released the strategic target of 100 billion revenue in 2025.The name change also represents the confidence of Midea Group TO continue TO dig TO B end business.Since 1992, the United States industrial technology has been the core components for electrical appliances product supply, on the basis of the original compressor category, merged in 2015 welling, and beauty cheese upstream compressor together form two parts company, the whole machine customer covers nearly all air conditioners, refrigerators and washing machines industry enterprise, become a beautiful C end business strong moat.Today, Midea industrial technology with 10 billion parts, through 100 billion processes, with μ -level precision to create high-quality products, the production of air conditioning compressors sold 100 million units annually, almost occupy half of the global air conditioning compressor market.After laying a solid foundation for home appliance parts industry, midea applied the technical logic of home appliance core components to smart travel, industrial automation, energy management and other fields based on existing underlying technologies and market demand, and expanded more new businesses.After the acquisition of Israel Gautron in 2017, Midea industrial Technology and kuka robots of the Group have formed an industrial chain complementary, consolidating the intelligent manufacturing industry chain through servo motors, servo drives and motion controllers, and speeding up the process of Midea industrial automation.At the same time, as green development has become a trend in the global environment and economic field, the new energy vehicle industry has entered a stage of rapid development, becoming a track for major technology enterprises to pursue.In the process of transition from traditional fuel vehicles to new energy vehicles, many players are flocking in.However, the share of Chinese brands in the auto parts industry, the core of the auto industry, is relatively low.With the ambition of industrial expansion, Midea industrial technology will not blindly follow the trend when choosing to enter a certain industry, focusing on two factors such as the degree of localization and the correlation with its own technology.Combined with the characteristics of low localization degree of automotive core components and high correlation with its own technology, midea industrial technology in 2018 will extend the solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, material technology, thermodynamics, system research, motor electromagnetic, electronic control technology and other technical modules that have been accumulated for many years to the automotive field.Independent research and development has laid out the core components of thermal management, drive system and auxiliary/autonomous driving system, and developed a rich product line, extending the industry to the field of smart travel.In 2020, Midea industrial Technology acquired hekang Xineng, a listed company, to deepen the core control system business, layout the energy management field, and accelerate the industrial synergy and integration.In 2021, The total revenue of Midea Industrial Technology has exceeded 40 billion.Under the national “double carbon” and “double cycle” strategy, it has become an inevitable trend to reduce the dependence of production and consumer goods on energy and raw materials, expand domestic demand and reduce dependence on external markets.Midea industrial technology also relies on long-term forward-looking planning, which opens a highly imaginative path for midea’s future product lines and business lines.In the future, midea industrial technology will use the force of scientific and technological innovation to promote the intelligent upgrading of household appliances around the world, accelerate the electrification and intelligent penetration of people’s travel modes, and empower intelligent manufacturing to promote the popularization of green energy.Chinese mechanical and electronic manufacturing enterprises represented by Midea Industrial Technology will further promote the development of core technologies in the field of domestic industrial manufacturing and escort the sustainable prospects of the domestic industrial manufacturing industry through the cooperative research and development mode of self-research + merger and acquisition.We can believe that with the continuous expansion of domestic substitution scale in the production supply chain of domestic industries, Midea industrial technology will assume the mission of realizing domestic substitution and become a new force to promote the continuous progress of the entire industry.Reviewing the development of industrial technology of beauty, when with the industry to further promote the development of science and technology, the core of beauty of the big four upstream areas in casual has gathered up the very large scientific research strength and the product line, completed a from the service consumer terminal manufacturers to the whole industry chain service ability of science and technology group has more than industry shift.And this is also the most “hard” example of the American hardcore revolution under the Era of Uka!