The winter Olympics judge is blatant!2 The details are suspected to target the host, causing heated discussion online

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In the movie Pegasus, there is a saying: If you want fair, come to a sports match; if you want absolute fair, don’t come to a sports match.In fact, this is very realistic, because in all sports competitions, there are judges, and in the end, the score of the event depends partly on individual skill, and partly on the score of the judges.The scores of the judges are subjective, so they are not accurate. They can only be said to have higher professional standards and greater authority to some extent, but they cannot prove absolute fairness.But in today’s normal Winter Olympics, in fact, there are some voices, not on the rules of the competition, but on the competition referee’s doubts.Now, The Chinese team with 3 gold and 2 silver ranked in the fifth place, in the following competition, we actually have their own strengths, so do not need to worry about.While watching the game, we certainly will not miss a trace of detail, after all, only after really careful observation, can be infinitely close to the four words of absolute fairness.Although we are the host country, there is no advantage other than home advantage.Many would say that the hosts had the blessing of the referee and that, at least in the director’s mind, we should have had some help from the shadows.But I want to say that we have not been treated like that over the last few days.Instead, details revealed that some referees seemed to be taking aim at the hosts.In the past several events, eagle-eyed netizens found a hint.The first was the snowboard slopestyle event, where Su did a good job, but failed to win the gold medal, only taking a silver medal.In this match, the 2 Canadian judges gave low scores, but the winner was a Canadian athlete.If other judges gave lower scores, they did too, which shows that they are not good enough.However, when the scores of other judges were not bad, the low scores of these two judges, who happened to be the champion of their own country, certainly aroused great suspicion. Some netizens directly said that this is a protection of the motherland.Another competition is from Gu Ailing’s big platform project, originally as a side event of the big platform, I did not expect her to play so well.But even with such a good performance, it almost failed to win the championship.In the final of the platform, Gu Ailing performed normally in the first few jumps, although there were some small mistakes, but it did not affect the overall result.But in the final jump, while all judges gave Gu the higher score, the French judge gave her the lowest score of 93.Because the championship is only between Gu Ailing and French athletes, but the low score must be hard for French judges to play, so it is two or three points lower than other judges.But we need to know that in this kind of international competition, one point can cost you the title, and if Gu wasn’t so crazy, it could have been someone else’s.After the two details were revealed, it caused a heated discussion among many netizens. Many people thought that the referee should uphold the principle of fairness and fairness, and should not be too subjective in it.And as the host of us, there is not much advantage in them.Hopefully the referee will try to be objective and fair in the next matches and stop treating the hosts like this!