Us experiment with monkeys escape, do not rule out the possibility of carrying the virus, disaster movie or will come true?

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, according to media reports in recent days the United States a truck carrying experiment with monkey, traffic accident caused four monkeys the chance to escape, the three of them only then be found, the other was found only after a period of time, surprisingly, back to the United States after the monkeys three monkey euthanized, the us gave no explanation, this let the outside world,There are concerns that the escaped monkeys could carry the virus and spread it to humans.Some netizens even joked: “Isn’t this the usual opening of an American disaster movie?First the laboratory animals escaped, then the virus spread and mutated to destroy the human race.”The monkeys were initially warned by police not to approach them and euthanized after they were found, raising questions about what was going on with them.Experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences said there are risks, but the risks depend on what kind of experiments the monkeys are used for and when they escaped.Experts explained that the escaped monkey was identified from the photos as a macaque, which is widely used in laboratory research, including infectious and parasitic diseases, as well as some high-risk diseases.Of course, there is no possibility that the monkeys were just bought and have not been tested.But even without experiments, macaque monkeys themselves can also carry some viruses, there have been cases of monkey B virus transmission to humans, and the virus has no cure, and the fatality rate of more than 70%, so the escaped monkeys are at a certain risk if they come into contact with humans.So, since the four monkeys were later found, why were they euthanized?To this, the expert explains, laboratory monkeys is quite harsh conditions, such as some experiment shall be carried out under sterile condition, is not only the laboratory sterile, also requires sterile macaques itself, the monkey fleeing because contact the nature, is bound to pick up bacteria, microorganisms, viruses, etc., in the words of the researchers, these monkeys are “not clean”, “pollution”,In this case, sterile experiments were no longer possible and therefore of no value, so the three monkeys were most likely euthanized for this reason.SouTu editing the progress and development of modern medicine cannot leave these experiments on animals, humans in the future the way to cure the disease and drug to pass these animal experiments, in a sense, they continued to human life, so in the eyes of the researchers both in rhesus monkeys and rats are worthy of respect, Russia has build a monument in lab mice.For this event, whether there is a virus leak, can only wait for the subsequent disclosure of more information.