Uzi’s playing time finally set?E-sports industry leaders: may not be able to Asian Games!

2022-07-07 0 By

After LPL started a year ago, the most anticipated game for tens of thousands of viewers was undoubtedly Uzi’s first game after coming back. Unfortunately, although Uzi had already come to BLG base to participate in training, he never played or was about to play.Uzi was absent from the game against both strong and weak teams, and even in BLG’s head-on matchup with RNG, which led many to speculate that Uzi would become the team’s “mascot” and not play until he retired again.However, in the off-season is about to end, LPL is about to reopen the case, e-sports circle well-known whistleblower “e-sports circle 77 file” has suddenly posted a blog to break the news about Uzi debut.Although Uzi’s name was not explicitly mentioned in the post, the mere hint made LPL viewers guess that he was referring to Uzi.With both fans and fans looking forward to Uzi’s debut, esports # 77 tweeted: “After February we should see what we’re looking forward to.”The only player LPL audiences can look forward to seeing is Uzi.It’s worth noting, however, that Uzi may not be able to compete in LOL at the Asian Games even if he makes his debut in February.But more worrying for fans and spectators than competing in the Asian Games is whether The long-retired Uzi will be able to adapt to the intensity of LPL competition.After all, according to Uzi’s known hanfu account records, positions and other data, it seems that his state is difficult to compete with Doggo for starting. Even recently, Uzi rarely participated in training matches, which makes people doubt whether his level can not disappoint the audience even if he plays after February.Of course, if Uzi does come on stage, I believe it will still attract a large number of audiences. I hope Uzi can find his form and continue to bring wonderful matches to the audience.What did the Internet think of it?Share your thoughts in the comments section below.