1-3!China football team lost to Vietnam!12 really out of the World Cup, Qatar

2022-07-08 0 By

On February 1st night, Beijing time, the World Preliminary Round Asian 12 strong match B group 8 round, Vietnam men’s football 3-1 China men’s football!Hu Jincai headed home a goal in the ninth minute of the first half, Ruan Chin-Ling extended the lead with a push in the 15th minute, and Pan Wende sealed the victory with a long-range strike in the 75th minute of the second half.Injury time, Xu Xin pulled back a ball.In the latest FIFA rankings, China is ranked 74th in the world, while Vietnam is ranked 98th.In the first 7 rounds of the preliminary group of this World Cup, China national football team won 1, drew 2 and lost 4, collecting 5 points, while Vietnam men’s football team lost all 7 rounds, the two teams ranked the first and second from the bottom respectively.China beat Vietnam 3-2 in the first leg of the group stage, the only victory for China in the first seven rounds of the group stage.In the 9th minute of the first half, Du Xiongyong’s cross from the left was headed by Hu Jincai, leaving China trailing 1-0.The 15th minute, Du Xiongyong sent out a pick pass, Guanghai bottom line back, Du Xiongyong into the penalty area bottom line shovel pass, Ruan Jinling outflanked and pushed the goal, China away 2-0 down!After that, China had several good attacking chances in the match, among which Dai Weijun shot 2 times with Wang Shanchao’s header too right Angle, one of which was confiscated by the goalkeeper and the other was fired with an anti-aircraft gun.In the second half, Wei Shihao and Zhang Yuning substitute, replaced 2 naturalized players;In the 75th minute, Vietnam made a quick counterattack and played a smooth “Barca” style from the wings. Pan wende broke outside the penalty area and scored with a long shot to put China 3-0 down.In the 96th minute, Wei Shihao crossed from the baseline and Xu Xin pushed home the goal to tie the score at 1-3.In the end, China’s national football team lost 3-1 to Vietnam’s men’s football team and was completely eliminated from the round of 12, bidding farewell to the Qatar World Cup in a real sense.National Football Team starters: 1-Yan Junling, 4-Wang Shenchao, 5-Zhang Linpeng, 6-Jiang Guangtai, 20-Zhu Chenjie, 13-Xu Xin, 21-Dai Weijun, 15-Wu Xi, 7-Wu Lei, 11-Alan, 18-Luo Guofu Vietnam Team starters:23- Chen Yuan Meng, 4- Pei Jin Yong, 7- Ruan Feng Hung wi, 13- Hu Jin CAI, 16- Ruan Cheng Zhong, 21- Chan Ting Chung, 8- Du Xiong Yong, 14- Ruan Huang De, 11- Pham Chun Hai, 19- Ruan Guanghai, 22- Ruan Jin Ling