Small needle out big job talk about ultrasound intervention

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1. What is ultrasound intervention? Ultrasound intervention is a variety of diagnosis and treatment completed under the guidance of ultrasound, such as needle biopsy, catheter drainage, local drug injection, tumor tissue ablation, etc.Interventional ultrasound is on the basis of ultrasonic imaging in order to further meet the needs of clinical diagnosis and treatment, is an important branch of modern medical ultrasound, its main characteristic is in real-time ultrasonic monitoring or guidance, on the body of lesions and target, through percutaneous puncture and catheter technology to achieve the purpose of further diagnosis or treatment.2. Advantages of ultrasound intervention: direct access to the lesion area under real-time guidance and monitoring of ultrasound for diagnostic or therapeutic operations.It has the advantages of precision, safety, no radiation, simple operation and low cost.3. Clinical application of ultrasound interventional puncture biopsy: for space-occupying lesions found by ultrasound examination, the clinical requirements are clear pathological properties and tissue types, and safe puncture approaches and no obvious contraindications are acceptable.Such as: thyroid, breast, muscle soft tissue, liver, biliary tumors.Puncture aspiration and catheter drainage:Human body cavity and pipelines or pathology sex accumulates fluid in the tissues and organs, hemorrhage, empyemata or bile and urine liquid, by means of ultrasound as a guide to puncture suction catheter drainage, and can quickly relieve symptoms, save lives, can also be used to extract liquid of cytology, bacteriology and biochemical test, making differential diagnosis and guiding drug at the same time,It can also be injected by puncture needle or drainage tube to achieve the role of local treatment, which plays an important role in clinical diagnosis and treatment.Such as: pleural and peritoneal effusion, pericardial effusion, percutaneous biliary and gallbladder catheter drainage, cyst hardening, ectopic pregnancy injection medicine.Tumor ablative therapy: ultrasound-guided ablative therapy for solid tumors of pelvic and abdominal cavity and superficial organs.Various ablation techniques, such as radiofrequency, microwave, laser and high-intensity focused ultrasound, have been widely developed and become a common means of local tumor treatment.Such as: liver tumor, uterine fibroids and adenomyosis, thyroid nodules, etc.(Pictures of Cheng Zhen, Ultrasound Department from Internet)