Star Road Chasing wind is on the market at 109,900 yuan to 116,900 yuan

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EXEED star road brand’s “hexagonal warrior” — Star Tuchifeng, together with the country’s top trend IP Tang Xiaomei, debuted in a unique form of national wind big movie official announcement, the new car price range is 109,900 yuan – 116,900 yuan, a total of royal fashion, wind up two versions of the model to select.Different from the common new car launch mode, the star road chase online launch conference in the form of a great innovation.On one side, tang Xiaomei combines the ancient charm of Tang style and traditional quyi culture with the popular two-dimension culture, showing the charm of “national tide” at the top of IP — Tang Xiaomei;One side is “extremely intelligent new national innovation” as the positioning of the star road brand.The perfect integration of the two makes star Road’s chasing products close to the generation of young users who have grown up in the Internet era and find a common emotional resonance with them from the topic of “national innovation”.In the scenes of the national Style movie, the beautiful And budding Tang Xiaomei came out of the second yuan and became the lecturer and spokesperson of The Star Tuchaser. She personally narrated the evolution of 52 products in 4 modules, turning the usual serious and formal launch conference into a fresh and interesting national fashion feast.Conference, not only of tang xiaomei divas about celebrity zhuifeng kingdom and the power, the way the car also announced the acme enjoy preferential policies, to launch “car car arranged, guaranteeing” car-buying rights: user returning three packs of services, only need to deposit 9999 yuan, can be the tax package, bag, bag, allows users to set his mind at to drive home.At the same time, in order to ensure that users can drive at ease, there are core parts of the engine and gearbox warranty free for life, road rescue free for life, basic maintenance free for life and basic flow free for life “four free services”, completely solve the worries of users!As the IP of the top tide of the country, Tang Xiaomei is vivid and charming, becoming the appearance level of the country’s MOE touched characters.Both can and Tang Xiaomei group CP, star tuchaser high energy grid natural not to fall behind.In appearance, Star Tuchifeng provides star matrix LED headlights and transverse LED taillights, with the newly upgraded 18-inch star blade aluminum alloy wheel hub, the vehicle in addition to handsome lang more fierce wind sports temperament, not only can set off tang Xiaomei’s gentle and pleasant, but also can let users travel to show the trend of characteristics.In addition, star chase wind added a symbol of passion and freedom of the new flower and wood blue color, with young people chasing the wind hot attitude perfect match.Just like Tang Xiaomei’s interior and exterior, Star Tuchifeng has also carefully crafted the interior.The diaphragm wire drawing material is added to the new car’s central control area, and the overall visual effect is more youthful and energetic, combined with the leading floating traverse LCD of the same level.The new black leather seat with red stitching color design, further shows the pursuit of the wind youth should have sports and aggressive posture.At the same time, Star Tuchifen also provides high-value configurations such as SONY hi-fi, music rhythm atmosphere lights, fully open intelligent panoramic skylight, and other essential travel equipment such as two-zone automatic air conditioning and N95 antibacterial air conditioning filter elements, which truly achieve wind comfort through ultra-high price ratio.The birth of Xiaomei, a national innovation, is a wonderful collision of modern science and technology and traditional culture, deducing the extraordinary charm of overseas innovation trend.Positioned as “super intelligent SUV”, Star Tuchifeng achieves two wonderful performances of lingfeng intelligence and majestic safety, and also makes cold steel more warm with human science and technology.Based on Liion 4.0 Xiongshi Zhiyun system, Xingtuchifeng brings multiple functions including voice control, semantic interaction, sound source location, etc., so that every call can be met on demand.Not only that, with the help of star road chasing wind products ling Feng intelligence, users can enjoy smart home, intelligent interconnection and APP remote control car and other functions.In addition, the AR enhanced practical navigation function of the new car can make users more focused on daily driving and indomitantly chase the wind on the road.In addition to allowing users to enjoy the fun and convenience of science and technology, Bosch’S latest ESP system and the support of 540° panoramic HD image can further reduce the risk of driving, but also let chaser youth time to lead the national trend, create the future of the journey becomes more comfortable.Unlike other two-dimensional characters, Fans of Tang Xiaomei are more interested in Guochao. They are not only following the culture of Guochao, but also striving to lead the way of national innovation.Insight into the preferences of young consumer groups, star road chasing wind innovation naming way, “chasing” is the process, on behalf of courage, dare to explore the quality, and “wind” is the target, showing a passionate, dare to taste fresh attitude.Chase road, indispensable hurricane power help.The star tuchei wind 1.5T equipped with the engine, the maximum power is 115kW, 230N·m maximum torque, and 9CVT transmission matching, 100km acceleration only 9.7 seconds, the overall working condition of fuel consumption as low as 6.9L.At the same time, Star Tuchifeng is the application of Bentler master chassis, and in the stabilizer bar, shock absorber, sub-frame and other core chassis components of 15 upgrades, to the wind control to achieve driving texture comprehensive progress, with ample power, so that users can always experience accurate control of the riding pleasure!When the wind comes, it’s better to go with it.With wind design, wind comfort, wind intelligent, wind safety, hurricane power, royal wind control six advanced strength, Star Tuchifeng shows the contemporary national innovation should have the charm, but also set up a new benchmark for the market.At the same time, with the official listing of Star Tuchifeng, Chifeng youth will also usher in zuiJIA’s help, in leading the tide of the country, strive to achieve more perfect self on the road.EXEED Automobile was established on April 14, 2019. It is a high-end brand under Chery Automobile Group.Star road automobile fully integrates the mother brand 24 years of forward RESEARCH and development technology accumulation, the world’s six major RESEARCH and development centers and the world’s top 500 DINGJI supplier system and other high-quality resources, by the international YILIU team to participate in research and development, design and marketing, global synchronous listing.At present, it has four models of Rangyue, Lingyun, Chifeng, TX super power four-wheel drive version, and its product matrix covers compact, medium and large market layout.Star road, with the brand positioning of “extremely intelligent new National innovation”, is committed to providing “high-end, intelligent and dynamic” car life for China’s high-quality users, becoming the “national innovation force” representing China and the era of smart travel, leading the world’s Chinese high-end automobile brand.The event will run from February 7, 2022 to March 7, 2022