Sword net 3: sword 3 strongest “gun king”, take you to appreciate “idle person” amorous feelings

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In Jian 3, there are such a group of players: they are tough, they can easily scold Guo Weiwei on the hot search, and they can fight with shrimp for 300 rounds without being discouraged;They are very magical, can send milk tea to the Xishanju video group, but also ten thousand people please resign jiannet 3 planning (Guo Weiwei and Xianyu were not spared);Their chief characteristic is that they are boring, very boring!Usually stick bar to eat melon to join in the fun, New Year’s day also see others set off firecrackers, even let the sword net 3 stick bar appear the strongest “gun king”.February 11, 2021, was no ordinary day.Someone open happy heart reunion, there are innocent creatures by firecrackers fried over the sky, and this fried became a soap opera.I thought this was a plain post unrelated to sword three, after all, the last time this thing was played more than ten years ago.Who would have thought that this once-brilliant man would do what everyone wanted to do but was afraid to do?200 + replies. How boring is that, isn’t it?It is just an ordinary wild vegetables, until the encounter robbed the giant panda snack of the building Lord: the bamboo shoots on the mountain should let you take over?Cruel building Lord nature is even grapefruit also won’t let go, after all he just won’t pity flower cherish grass? QAQ he will only fry grapefruit and then fill it with grapefruit skin.Although pomelo looks complete, but the heart is hurt and who can make up for it?I thought this was supposed to be a good memory, but who would have thought it was a series?Evil mirror keeper…Oh no, evil Lord he’s back with his weapon!Everyone’s happy to see you back, because it’s fun again.But I think, the wild cabbage is not a happy tree!How boring must it be to come up with such a novel way of playing and attract so many players?It’s just another essence of a Sword Net 3 player.Sand sculptors, they never let you down