Yang Mi 4 months to shoot 5 drama, after work to the hospital to play a bottle, the next day straight to the studio to continue to work

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Yi Lijing: Do you have any plans to quit the entertainment industry?Yang Mi: never thought about it, why quit?Why quit?Isn’t that just what other people want?She is speaking so straight and true Lord understand Yang Mi have heard her desperately three niang name?When carrying small glutinous rice, she was not in domestic, but continue to guo small times cast, although there are a lot of big play, but she can still insist on down, the last scene taken out she is pregnant for 7 months, and in the cast and the man to beat, love cry smile, looks like the child are on someone else belly 02 once took five play Yang mi 4 months,Think about what frequency is that?May not be a lot of people understand her, after all, Yang Mi following the “palace” after the fire up, the money earned early enough to spend several lifetimes, why so spell?Her outspoken about five hours of sleep time in a day, also revealed that because the body is too tired, almost every one or two months will get sick, but even so she also never allow yourself to today’s work till tomorrow, also know to do your own thing other people can’t help it carried himself down 03 also often knock off work to have a fever, and then the hotel also don’t back,Direct discharge makeup went to the hospital to her room, and then that night was spent in hospital, wait until the next day when directly to cast and began the second day of filming, it is worth mentioning that haven’t bright red when she do, now after red still continued her money is killing me, said to have to get well yeah, anyway, she is very clear what you want, what you must do,Isn’t that what it’s supposed to be about?Yes, Yang said he never take sport is so hard in order to dream, she is a person who live more fully and spell able 04 also calls himself doing this because there is a great spiritual strength in the support oneself, she didn’t say as to what is spiritual strength, but through his own experience found that the spirit of willpower is very strong, and a spade a spadeSuch a strong woman is so strong that people are afraid of her. Some netizens also expressed that they can maintain such a shooting frequency, which shows that Yang Mi’s lines are very good. However, Yi Lijing, who speaks frankly enough, asked in response, suggesting that Yang Mi doesn’t worry about the quality of her work with such a shooting frequency?Yang Mi also expressed the first amount to win everyone’s attention, said that only in this way can we have the opportunity to let you see yourself, with a good cast cooperation, with excellent people 05 found?Yang is a great planning to itself is very clear and the woman, her eq is very high, dare to say a lot of people did not dare to say, but at the same time to live fully, regardless of the wife as a man still single, she has absolute control of their time and rhythm, and at the same time is also a very confident people remember once she was being interviewed in the background, as it is at the back of the angelababy also entered the room,The two beauties met naturally and were not compared. Yang Mi simply asked the reporters present who was more beautiful than herself and Yang Ying.This problem can let the staff present was choked to 06 Yang Mi said his company signed artists, one to have strength, and to look good, three to the family, no matter how the outside world comments on their own, this is her signing standards.Still dare to shout at Shen Teng on the stage of fast This, such as Shen Teng said happy Mahua cultivates many good actors, Yang Mi replied jia Hang media cultivates everything Shen Teng: Jia Hang media does not cultivate good actors Yang Mi: You say who is not good actors, Happy Mahua has good actors?Whether it’s a joke or to show effect, she is the super people dare to say 07, a spade a spade minibus or admire her, love love, left go is refuse, not a life lived for others at any time, to know what you want, also have strong execution, want to say that such a strong woman who is not successful?Of course, she may not be the most suitable person according to the standard of the wife, but no matter who she leaves, she can live brilliantly, because no one will shake her firm pace to herself. This is the symbol of modern women, right?To be honest, I feel that Yang Mi, although she is excellent, it is difficult to have a family, because no man can match her excellence. What do you think about this?