65 containers lost overboard!Emergency!!!End of the year shipping situation “bad”!Late delivery!

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As usual, this is an urgent message (previously reported).On Jan. 7, a Madrid Bridge, a 13,900teU container ship owned by ONE, lost about 60 containers in the Atlantic during a voyage from Singapore to New York, while another 80 containers collapsed and were damaged (an initial estimate at the time).At last count, 65 containers fell overboard and another 89 were damaged on deck.Instead of heading to New York as planned, the ship diverted to Charleston, skipping ports in Norfolk, Virginia, and Savannah, Georgia.AIS ship tracking from MarineTraffic showed that the ship arrived at the Charleston anchorage on January 20, but was forced to wait several days for a berth due to congestion, and docked at Hugh K. Leatherman wharf at the Port of Charleston, South Carolina, USA, on the morning of the 25th.The ship is expected to unload damaged containers and import containers bound for Charleston at the terminal.At the end of the peak season, foreign trade enterprises into the delivery peak, in addition to the sea price skyrocketing, popular routes of large cargo “bursting”, “dumping” and other phenomena are common.Cargo owners freight forwarders once encountered this kind of thing, performance and reputation inevitably damaged….On January 27, Ningbo Meidong Container Terminal issued an urgent notice to customers: Since the middle of December, some shipping companies have been overloaded with goods, which has resulted in serious overload of our heavy container yard.The shipping company shall provide the shipping list of this voyage for the routes with serious over-allocation of goods, and shall receive the goods into the container strictly according to the shipping company’s list!As the Lunar New Year approaches in Southeast Asia on February 1, Retailers in Malaysia have taken to Facebook to inform consumers that festive merchandise will not arrive on time due to a shortage of containers and shipping space.”We have to wait two to three days because of the reduced number of flights due to the quarantine measures,” a retailer said.A Biscuit importer in Malaysia said a lack of containers had led to persistent delays, although shipments were scheduled as early as October 2021.A freight forwarder told the media that while Chinese ports, especially Shanghai and Ningbo-Zhoushan, are crowded, the delay in shipping goods to Southeast Asia is most likely due to fewer trips to the latter region.”At the moment, southeast Asian ports are so crowded that ships are anchored waiting to dock.This is because there are now three departures a week from Chinese ports, instead of an average of four.”Demand for Southeast Asia remains strong and a backlog of orders will keep China’s export markets healthy.The capacity lost due to delays means that shipping will be even tighter during the Lunar New Year.Overall import demand is expected to remain at similar levels.Another international freight forwarder said the reliability of shippers’ schedules worldwide had fallen to 34.4 per cent, with an average arrival delay of 7.3 days.Navigation was blocked, hindering the repositioning of all major trade hollowpoint containers.”This has affected the available configurations for all lines and the availability of boxes and Spaces for the rest of the year,” the freight forwarder said.In the US, Pasha Line, backed by retail giant Costco, set a new record in the past week by outbidding other operators to charter ships from the charter market, Braemar ACM reports.Costco, the world’s fifth-largest retailer, tried to take shipping issues into its own hands last September.Costco revealed at the time that it had chartered three container ships and thousands of containers to move about 20 per cent of its Asian imports, with capacities ranging from 800 to 1,000 TeU.The partnership adds to costco’s previous efforts to charter ships and expand its pasha operations with two to four times more capacity than previously chartered vessels.Braemar ACM said Pasha’s bold move in the 2000-4000TEU range would make it potentially difficult for other operators to secure alternative capacity.One of the other high-profile charter deals struck in recent days was from Italy’s RIF Line, the world’s 94th largest liner company, which entered the Asia-Europe trade route last year.The company has extended the charter of container ship Green Ocean (1,809 TEU) for another six months at a daily rate of $110,000, according to ship brokers.As for the current stage of the container ship leasing market, Braemar ACM said: “The market dynamics of high rentals are expected to continue throughout 2022 and the container ship leasing market is rapidly approaching the all-time high reached two months ago.””Capacity will be in short supply this year and charterers will have to consider finding vessels with less capacity,” the compilers of the New ConTex Charter Index said in their latest report.”All signs point to continued market strength, with demand outstripping supply across all sectors,” Clarkson said in his latest weekly report.Logistics and freight companies continue to seek short-term leases of any size and, in some cases, are actively seeking longer leases as well.”Daily rental assessments for 4,400TEU container ships for six to 12 months are now up 2% week on week to hit a new record of $109,000 per day, while Clarkson’s container ship rental index is up 2% week on week to 388 points, the highest level since November 2021.