93-minute winner, 1-0!Paris wins, Messi assists, hugs Mbappe, plays Real Madrid four days later

2022-07-09 0 By

Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe start Paris Saint-Germain’s match at home to Rennes in round 24 of Ligue 1.Messi finally set up mbappe’s winner in the 93rd minute, four days before Paris faced Real Madrid.With 17 wins, 5 draws and 1 loss after the first 23 games, Paris are on 56 points at the top of the French league, 13 points clear of second place.In history, the two teams have met 69 times, with Paris enjoying a clear advantage with 35 wins, 14 draws and 20 losses.Di Maria is the top scorer between the two teams with eight goals, followed by Cavani with seven and Neymar with six.Rennes won the first leg of the season at home, 2-0, and a couple of games back, they drew 1-1 with Paris, and it’s fair to say that this team knows a lot about PSG.In the seventh minute, Rennes made a dangerous attack with a cross from Brino that navas kept out for a corner, but the ball fell into the penalty area and Paris cleared.In the 10th minute, Ashraf sent a good pass. Simons cut in from the right and sent a cross to the goal, where the opponent keeper got the ball.In the 33rd minute, Mbappe broke through on the right side of the penalty area and was accidentally brought down by a tackle from a defender. PSG set up a tactical corner. Messi swung the ball around and sent a cross into the penalty area, which was not well placed by any Paris player.Two minutes later, Mbappe fired a long – range shot narrowly wide and missed the goal.The 40th minute, Paris to obtain a good counter-attack, and get shot in the area, but his shot was off the post, follow up the simmons, before the injection of the ball is Ryan’s defensive player out, impatient to foul, and of the referee to show a yellow card, Paris star some discontent, but smiled.Just 25 seconds into the second half, Rennes had a good chance when Santa Maria grabbed a cross from the right and sent the ball high.Draxler then fired a long range shot from outside the penalty area after receiving a Pass from Messi.In the 56th minute, Messi took a tactical corner, then Paris organized, Simons from the right, but the landing was not ideal, rennes goalkeeper to the ball.In the 63rd minute, Mbappe picked up the ball on the left side of the penalty area, then made a stop-and-pass move into the area, but shot high.A minute later, Mbappe took a pass from Messi and scored, but the goal was disallowed for offside. “New Ronaldo” Mbappe kicked the flagpole to vent his anger.As the camera pans to the stands, Neymar shakes his head repeatedly.In the 93rd minute, Mbappe finished the game, messi set it up, the two men hugged in celebration, mbappe smiled, the score was 1-0.