Actively respond to the cold weather to do a good job of heating security

2022-07-09 0 By

Recently, the district ushered in the snow weather, outdoor temperature dropped significantly, in order to ensure the normal heating of residents, district heating gas office immediately went into the heating enterprises, the operation of the heating system for a comprehensive inspection, and the end of the system for random household temperature measurement.Inspectors have carried out field checks on xinglinli heat exchange station, auto repair plant heat exchange station, new Century heat exchange station, Dazhong Lane heat exchange station, Pioneering heat exchange station, Binhe Jingyuan heat exchange station and Yinxing Jingyuan boiler operation.Random indoor temperature measurement was carried out in Axa residential area, garage family courtyard and Silver Star Garden, and the temperature reached the standard.For individual households with indoor temperature lower than 20 degrees, heating companies are required to investigate the cause immediately and solve the problem on the spot.In the next step, the DISTRICT heating gas Office will further enhance the sense of urgency, responsibility and mission, actively urge all heating enterprises to obey the overall situation, bravely shoulder social responsibility, timely and efficient solution to residents’ problems, improve the heating service level, and spare no effort to ensure the warm winter of the masses.Contribution: Wei Lijun district Heating gas Office Supervisor: Tian Shuling Responsible editor: Chen Jing