Be abducted 30 years girl return home to worship, father is deceived to black brick factory for looking for a woman, when escape from a disease

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For many who follow the search for relatives, there has been good news lately.Zhang Jigang and 张祎奎 seek relatives success successively, the girl Tang Baobao that is abducted 30 years recently is successful again close.According to Tang baobao, who was born in 1991 and taken to Xinxiang, Henan province, when she was eight or nine months old, her adoptive mother died when she was two years old and her adoptive father reorganized the family.Tang Baobao has been abducted for 30 years, from Yunnan to Henan, so long journey, so long time, she finally found her biological parents.After a successful DNA comparison, Tang Baobao identified with her own mother. After the ceremony, she was abducted 30 years ago and returned to her hometown to worship her own father.The biological mother is still alive, and the biological father died eight years ago.His father had been cheated to work in a black brick factory for three years in order to find his daughter. When he escaped, he had been suffering from various diseases.After returning home, Tang Baobao cried in front of his father’s grave and could not stand up for a long time.This scene let a lot of netizens who watched the live broadcast also tears, as a netizen, heard the father in order to find her daughter experienced pain, tears in his eyes, let alone as the party of Tang Baobao.During the three years when he was lured to the brick factory, my father was not thinking about himself, but worried that he could not find his children.Now Tang Baobao came to his father’s grave to worship and tell his father that he finally came home, although he has been dead for eight years, but the spirit of Heaven to see Tang Baobao was found, it is estimated that will be very pleased.Tang revealed in an earlier live broadcast that when she spoke to her biological sister, she said she was very much like her mother, both of whom were talkative.After 30 years of separation, they finally find their mother and hug each other.But now the mother’s Yunnan dialect is like a foreign language in Tang Baobao’s ears, and her mother should not understand Tang Baobao’s Henan dialect.Clearly is biological mother and daughter, say different dialect, this makes people feel very helpless.It’s a double blessing for Tang, who adopted her biological mother just 10 days before her wedding.But now she has her own home and cannot live in Yunnan with her biological mother.Now she is like the daughter of a distant marriage, it is very difficult to go back to her mother’s home.But in any case to find a home, is equivalent to finding their roots, tang Baobao had previously revealed to Shen Junliang, did not find his biological mother, he will not get married.Only when you find your birth parents, you can have confidence in your family.Now that she has finally reunited with her biological family and finally found her roots, she has a piece of heart, and her biological mother can no longer worry about her lost daughter.Finally, I hope tang Baobao can have a happy marriage in the future, and I also hope that more and more family reunion.