DRX four players will be absent, but LCK is not accommodating: can only find team 2 players rob Peter to pay Paul

2022-07-09 0 By

Lead-in: DRX had a bad season, s10 season, DRX had many good players.Unfortunately, the team did not cherish the players left, results plummeted.Even a lot of people don’t want to join the team, S11’S DRX doesn’t have any star players, so of course it didn’t hit the mark.In the previous offseason, THE DRX manager worked hard to negotiate with the players and finally signed the players he liked, including Deft, Beryl and others.Unfortunately, DRX’s “Galactica” didn’t perform as well as they should, and they started the spring season with a losing streak.Later, DRX had to make an adjustment and expel champion coach Kim Jeong-soo.At that time, DRX’s manager, coach and player Deft responded to this matter respectively. The manager said that the expulsion was not a termination, and the reason for this action was that he could not and did not want to say.Kim jeong-soo said that he did not expect the situation to turn out like this. He said that he was in charge of all the events and hoped to return to his original position as soon as possible.Deft has nothing to do with this and welcomes the coach back.The DRX team can be called “one wave after another”, the coach thing finally came to an end, the player problem again.LCK’s vacation is not as long, but the contestants celebrate the holiday as well.During that time, four DRX players were “caught” and two were diagnosed with symptoms, meaning none of them could play.The current situation of LCK is not good, except deft, the other four players are not able to participate in the competition, LCK must consider changing the team schedule, or let the team find a new player.From the current arrangement, LCK can be said to be not polite to DRX, did not change the schedule, only allow them to find team 2 players.This is not good news for DRX. First of all, the strength of team 2 players is certainly not as good as that of team 1 players. The auxiliary and underside players were originally strong players, and DRX would probably pull the crotch when replaced by team 2 players.DRX already lost a few games early in the season and won with a change of coach, but now they want deft to play four more games, can DRX still win?Secondly, the team coach has been changed, and deft’s efforts to pacify the players to ensure victory are followed.Now that DRX is changing players, Deft doesn’t know much about the second-team players, it’s hard to be both captain and coach, and the new lineup could collapse.Finally, DRX 2’s next match will be on the same day as the first match, which means the team will have to give up a match.It would be robbing Peter to pay Paul if we let the jayvee players play.I have to say, LCK’s move is a little too strict.So the first team would have to recruit from the second team, and the second team would have to recruit from the youth team, which is the academy team.Many LCK players have been tested recently, but only the DRX has been found to be problematic.To sum up, DRX did a lot of preparation for this season, but the results were not satisfactory.Fortunately, there is a deft on the team, he has the strength and the ability to coach, maybe DRX rookie to prepare well, prove himself in the game.It’s just that LCK is too strict and won’t give them more time to prepare.