Declassified documents reveal the torture of detainees at cia black sites, the Guardian reported

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A detainee at a secret CIA black site in Afghanistan was used as a “teaching tool” for trainee interrogators to learn about torture, according to a declassified US government report, the Guardian reported Thursday.The prisoner, Ammar Baluchi, is accused of helping to plot the September 11 attacks.Details of Baluchi’s torture were documented in a 2008 REPORT by the CIA’s inspector general that was recently declassified as a court document, the report said.After his capture in 2003, the CIA secretly “extradited” Baluchi from a detention facility in Pakistan to a “black site” in Kabul, Afghanistan, according to the report.There, CIA interrogators used various forms of torture, including fasting, dousing him with ice water, forcing him to stand for more than 80 hours straight, and three days of sleep deprivation.In addition, CIA interrogators used Baluchi as a “teaching tool” in an interrogation technique called “hitting the wall.””Bump into the wall” comes from cia headquarters’ “enhanced interrogation guidelines,” which involve wrapping a towel around a naked detainee’s neck, then dragging the towel and slamming the detainee’s head repeatedly into a plywood wall.The report noted that there was no time limit to the “bump the wall” interrogation technique, and that Baluchi’s torture typically lasted less than two hours.A former trainee told investigators that “all the participants in the interrogation training lined up in front of the wall where Baluchi was being interrogated, showing their instructors in turn their ability to use the technique.”As a result of the torture of “banging against the wall” and “throwing ice water on him” for a long time, Baluchi suffered serious physical injuries.In 2018, neuropsychologists performed an MRI on Baluchi’s head and found moderate to severe brain damage in parts of his brain that had lasting effects on baluchi’s memory and ability to regulate behavior, the Guardian reported.Editor: Mu Qing source: CCTV news client