MINIEV GAMEBOY street Fighter cool hit the market

2022-07-09 0 By

Today, SAIC-GM-Wuling officially announced that “Street Bully” MINIEV GAMEBOY was officially launched.The new car has launched four models: play 200km endurance, play coffee 200km endurance, play 300km endurance, play coffee 300km endurance, the price is 55,800 yuan, 57,800 yuan, 67,800 yuan, 69,800 yuan respectively.On the market, the new car in addition to a very sincere price, but also a surprise pet powder rights.From now on, users can log in the LING Club APP/ mini program, LING LAB, Tmall/JINGdong official flagship store and other platforms, order the upgrade of Chao Cool courtesy at 9.9 yuan, and enjoy the highest value of 4,050 yuan “Supreme Chao Chuang Player Gift Package”, including zero taste of first gift — enjoy chao Chuang fund of 2,000 yuan.Shangling LAB (300km range only);Tidal novice gift — ultra-low interest, ultra-low down payment, 5-year ultra-long loan a variety of financial programs;Game equity gift – 500 LING value to LING Club (equity Mall for gifts).As the “new equipment for personalized travel” for young people, MINIEV GAMEBOY creates trendy and avant-garde interior and exterior decorations;The vehicle has a new upgrade size space, and has 200km/300km range, 3.3KW stable and efficient charger, 30kW drive motor, as well as more intelligent “skills” such as remote car finding, intelligent door opening and closing, to bring users a bigger, stronger, faster, cooler out of the street playing experience.Hongguang MINIEV GAMEBOY is very popular among urban cool youth due to the strength of trendy products. Blind orders for MINIEV GAMEBOY have exceeded 30,000 units before launch, among which male users account for 77%.Tidal storm is unstoppable, DIY grass detonates social circle new car modeling many reserved tidal interface, to create “everyone can DIY exclusive big toy”.The official launch of hurricane Phantom, through the jungle, star Trek, party sweetheart four theme cars, for the user’s personalized customization proofing.In addition, players can also access the LING LAB platform, which extends over 100,000 DIY gameplay options.Up to now, more than 150,000 players have created 430,354 unique creative works online, sparking social circles.Offline fashion innovation is also popular, with a number of modified cars emerging, such as Hongguang MINIEV GAMEBOY camouflage off-road vehicle, shaking up the “thousands of cars and thousands of samples” fashion innovation storm.Saic-gm-wuling has built LING LAB, “the first original factory personalized customization service platform in China”, to enable users to achieve zero threshold of creative creativity, and will set up LING LAB offline experience zones in 246 stores in 198 cities.Relying on O2O digital channels, self-established logistics system, five-star engineering team and full-chain customer service, LING LAB provides users with a “one-stop landing service ecosystem” from online matching and installation to offline implementation, and opens up a new mode for users to purchase cars by fashion.With the official launch of MINIEV GAMEBOY, WE believe that this “Street Fighter” will bring more users new personal travel experience, and will definitely lead the wonderful “Chao · Create Infinite”!The event will run from April 9, 2022 to April 15, 2022