Warriors: referees report two gains, Green apologizes to Curry, appearance updates

2022-07-09 0 By

On February 3, Beijing time, the Golden State Warriors across the ocean sent 3 news, let’s take a look.Referee report two gains yesterday, warriors away AT&After missing several key players and trailing by as much as 15 points entering the fourth quarter, the Warriors pulled off an incredible 124-120 victory over the Spurs.However, today’s NBA refereeing report points out that the Warriors won not only because of their own outstanding play, but also because of on-the-spot calls.The report said there were two missed calls in the final two minutes of the game, both in favor of the Warriors.The first came when Poole drove for a layup with 53 seconds left to put the Warriors ahead, and reports indicated Poole moved his pivot foot before shooting and was flagged for a walking violation.The second came with the Spurs trailing by two with eight seconds left, when Vassell missed a 3-pointer and Warriors forward Anderson was called for a defensive foul after he tugged on Kelden’s jersey while trying to get a rebound under the basket.It’s worth noting that Kelden should have gotten two free throws that would have sent the game to overtime, but with the missed shots, the Spurs lost their chance to turn the game around.Clearly, there was some luck in the Warriors’ win yesterday.Warriors forward Draymond Green said on a podcast today that he apologized to teammate Stephen Curry for not congratulating him on being named an All-Star starter.”When I found out wiggins was going to be an All-Star starter, me and the rest of the team went out and congratulated him,” Green said. “It wasn’t until a long time later when Andre Iguodala said congratulations to Steph curry that I realized he was an All-Star starter.To be honest, being an All-Star starter with Curry’s ability is nothing new or exciting, but I spent the day texting, calling and apologizing to him in person.”Interestingly, Green later retweeted his podcast with the caption:”?????I apologize again @Steph Curry.”Who would have thought green would have such a humble side to him, but it’s also a sign that he’s emotionally intelligent, knows how to take care of his teammates and how to maintain a good relationship with them.It’s also a reflection of how awesome Curry is, given how hard it is for Green to admire him that much.The Warriors will host the Sacramento Kings tomorrow at 11 am Beijing time.Andre Iguodala (hip), Andre Bielitsa (back) and Draymond Green (back) will miss the game. Curry, Wiggins, Porter, and payton Jr. will all be available for the game.Can the Warriors continue their recent run of good form and celebrate their eighth straight win?It’s worth looking forward to.