Why would Brandi, who died heartbroken and obsessed with Kobe, break up?

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Fans are well aware that Kobe Bryant’s wife is Vanessa, two people accidentally met and fell in love with each other, although did not get the blessing of his parents, but Kobe Bryant or resolutely married Vanessa to give birth to a daughter.Living together for nearly 20 years, it is clear that the two hearts each other have each other, in the unexpected death of Kobe Bryant, Vanessa was inconsolable, even once fainted in the past, fortunately by friends and relatives timely sent to the hospital, after the enlightenment just walk out of the haze of bereaved husband and bereaved woman.In fact, there was a special woman who was devastated by Bryant’s unexpected death, and that was Brandi.Before Vanessa, kobe Bryant had a love affair, or strictly to early love, at that time, Bryant is still in high school, is preparing for graduation party, he accidentally see magazine brady, so he said he want to invite her to your classmates to be partners, although all think kobe Bryant is bragging, but apparently look down upon him, and on the day of PROM, brady date,With the star support, the atmosphere of the scene to a new level.Bryant and Brandi started dating, but they didn’t go their separate ways for long.Brandi, an ex-girlfriend, also expressed her grief after learning of Bryant’s death, tweeting her condolences to Vanessa and others who lost loved ones in the crash, and her love to Mamba.It’s worth mentioning that When asked about her relationship with Kobe Bryant, She revealed that she still has kobe’s PROM dress in her collection. Interestingly, although it seems that She is obsessed with Kobe, it was she who broke up with him in the first place. So, why did She do this?First of all, there is a huge gap between their status. As we all know, Kobe is a high school player who directly brought his talent to THE NBA after graduating from high school. Although Kobe was already famous at that time, many people do not expect him to make achievements in the NBA because he is just a young boy and has not experienced the baptism of NCAA.On the other hand, Brandi was already famous. She hit the big time in 1995, and then released an album that was R&amp that year.B hit number six and sold 1.3 million copies.Obviously, there was a gap between their status.There is also the problem of Kobe’s personality. At the beginning of love, it is good, perhaps Brandi will not consider the status gap too much, but the personality mismatch will seriously lower the quality of love, so it is better to get together and part well than to settle.There have been media reports that Brandi was in deep contact with Kobe Bryant, found the other party’s personality is too strong, because of unacceptable, Brandi can only choose to break up with Bryant.If the two could understand each other, maybe they would not be Vanessa today, but Brandi, after all, Bryant’s parents were all over Brandi at the time.