4 NBA stars on the prairie: 2 in GDP, white couple having black baby?

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Mention NBA star, I believe many net friends will be cast in the eyes of admiration, the reason behind it is also obvious, whether it is superb ball skills or luxurious life, or by the love of the stars……All are enviable.However, not all NBA stars are as happy as we think, and some are in a mess when it comes to their relationships.Here, let’s take a look at some of the NBA’s biggest stars who have been on the court with their heads covered in green grass.Duncan, as one of the legendary stars in the history of the Spurs team, he not only won numerous honors in the NBA, but also very single-mindedly in his love life.Duncan to graduate from medical university graduates of Amy after falling in love at first sight, immediately action, brave chasing love, two people married life is very happy to outsiders, Duncan as a basketball star gradually focus on basketball after their marriage, and successfully received five NBA titles, but Duncan’s wife Amy was caught out with the fitness coach ate the forbidden fruit,Duncan even used the money he earned from playing in THE NBA to buy a gym for the fitness coach, so as to win the heart of the fitness coach. After this matter was exposed, Duncan was so heartbroken that he finally chose to divorce.Later, Duncan met his second wife Vanessa – Macias, she is an American actress, has angelic face, and slim figure, stone Buddha’s frozen heart met spring, he and Vanessa had a daughter, they chose to marry.2, iverson on suspicion wife outside someone close to disaster is known as “took the shortest” iverson skill get on the field of personality is defiant, due to the growing environment bad, also created one of his temperament, and aggressive, iverson at don’t know anything about love is that often his wife’s tower, angry,Even doubt tower, and his cousin have improper relationship, once even to tower, naked out of the door, wait until the tower wana to endure this torture after running away from home, iverson gunman came to his cousin Charles Jones house, will be fired at the cousin, critical moment remaining reason to let him put down the gun, otherwise the consequences will be unimaginable.In 2013, Tawana filed for divorce anyway and was eventually awarded $3 million, a portion of the estate and a portion of iverson’s future endorsements.Iverson had several girlfriends in seven years, but never married any of them.As a member of the Spurs’ GDP team, Parker won four NBA championships and matched Tim Duncan in honor, but emotionally, the two brothers’ paths are also very similar.With entertainment insider gas ultra high combination of Eva, is an enviable, but good things seem to be fragile, then Eva temptation impetuously in marital infidelity, more dramatic scene, when Eva and men kissing in the street was parker have come across, two people finally chose to divorce from the initial enviable conjugal love couples became now become strangers.4, Nash and his wife were white, but his wife gives birth to a black baby, Nash was able to “consciousness” to the top of the head prairie “son of the wind” Nash is one of the leading players in 96 golden generation, a player he opened a wave of attack tactics, he is considered a small ball takes times, Nash with sharp style and elegant style,Not only is he a two-time MVP, but he has won millions of fans.Now Nash is the head coach of the Nets, coaching MVP-level superstars like Harden, Durant and Irving.Nash of modest gentleman can be said to be the perfect existence in everyone’s eyes, but his love life is not smooth, but also happened a ridiculous thing that makes people laugh.Nash was originally in love with his white wife, Alessandra, but filed for divorce the next day after she gave birth to their third son in 2010 after she gave birth to a “black” baby.The media also added to the hype, alessander and Barbosa broke the relationship is not general.The real reason Nash and Alessander divorced was that Nash and Alessander were no longer married, and Nash’s relationship with a black girl was the main reason for their divorce.Summary the way of getting along with husband and wife is a big knowledge, when a man chooses a marriage object, he wants to go far to find a quiet, single-minded girl, but also to learn to give double care in material and spirit.