Electric Big Frog, Triumph launches TE-1 electric motorcycle concept

2022-07-10 0 By

As the internal combustion engine moves away from us, electric motors are becoming more attractive to everyone, and motorcycles are no exception. Recently, Triumph Motorcycle has released the TE-1 electric motorcycle concept.Te-1 directly copied the appearance design of SPEED TRIPLE model. Although there is no exhaust system, the bare single rocker structure still looks wild, and the muscular empty basket frame also looks deadly.The electric component of the C-Triomphum TE-1 concept car is provided by Williams Engineering and Total Power Systems. The fully fitted battery pack has a peak power of 170 kW, a continuous power of 90 kW and a capacity of 15 KWH.The motor gives the TE-1 a peak power of 130 kilowatts and a continuous power output of 80 kilowatts, and boasts good range.The TE-1’s battery pack layout perfectly fits the shape and space inside the frame, keeping the vehicle’s center of gravity low.At the same time, the metal shell of the battery pack integrates the vehicle’s power motor and electronic control unit to achieve the most compact structure and lightweight balance.The battery pack can be charged using the current 360-volt system of electric cars, which can reach 0-80% capacity in 20 minutes.The ingeniously designed charging port requires lifting the rear cover of the fuel tank to charge, thus preserving the design of the fuel tank while making the lines of the vehicle more low-lying.The C-Triomphe TE-1 is now entering the actual field testing phase, which is expected to be completed in summer 2022.The TE-1 concept will then be given final body panels for open road testing.At that time, the TE-1 concept will also announce its final technical specifications and field test results, as well as the final launch date of the TE-1 program’s commercially available model.