Ice and snow consumption increased by more than 70% | when the Spring Festival met the Winter Olympics in Heilongjiang people buy buy buy

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The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games was held On Thursday. In addition to the traditional red atmosphere, this Year’s Spring Festival is more of a heroic spirit, “not makeup ice and snow”, “frozen” has become a new fashion.Jingdong Group recently released a survey on “ice and snow consumption Trend”, which shows that ice sports equipment consumption is concentrated in the three eastern provinces, among which heilongjiang will see a 70.29% increase in ice and snow consumption in 2021.Jingdong’s data show that as the provinces and cities where ice and snow sports enthusiasts gather, ice and snow lovers in northeast China not only pursue beautiful appearance, but also pursue continuous breakthroughs in skills, no matter at the ice rink or ski resort.In the consumption of ice and snow sports, users in Heilongjiang and Jilin prefer to buy professional ice and snow equipment, while users in Liaoning prefer to buy ice and snow clothing.As a natural snow and ice field with geographical and climatic advantages, the three provinces in Northeast China are far ahead of the rest of the country in terms of the number of participants of ice and snow sports in 2021, and the users rank first in China.The growth of ice and snow users and the development of the overall ice and snow industry progress together, and the expansion of ice and snow lovers significantly drives relevant consumption. In 2021, the consumption amount of ice and snow in Heilongjiang will increase by 70.29%.By age, men under 25 spend twice as much on ice and outdoor sports as women of the same age.But in households with children, women over 35 were 25 percent more likely than men to buy ice gear, up 40 percent from last year.Interestingly, a lot of mothers have happened to buy a book – “Winter Olympics: Meet the ice and snow Arena and China’s example”, it seems that mothers increasingly pay attention to their children winter exercise 39, strong body.Source: Harbin News reporter: Li Jiaqi editor: Wang Yue