Japan spent $2.2 billion on Tiger tanks and it was an IQ tax!Hitler: I didn’t want to sell

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World War II pretty girlWhen it comes to Japanese tanks during World War II, the famous phrase “thin-skinned bean Tanks” must come to mind.Indeed, the Japanese tanks at that time not only had poor firepower and thin armor, but also were small in size.At best it’s called a tank, at worst it’s actually a small armored vehicle class.Captured Japanese “small tanks” at the Battle of Nomenkan, the Japanese troops in the Far East were almost helpless against a Soviet tank charge.After the battle, the Japanese were no longer afraid to mess with the Soviets.But deep down, they wanted to upgrade their tanks and one day get revenge on the Soviets.But unfortunately, as the resources of the long war were exhausted, Japan had to devote a lot of resources and expenses to the navy, and the Japanese army lacked both money and technology.As a result, the development of Japanese tanks had essentially come to a standstill by 1940.Japanese tanks were not keeping up with the world trend, so they looked at the German Tiger tank.The war was getting more and more intense, and the tanks of the European military powers were constantly “changing”!However, the Japanese tank technology, but has remained at the level of the First World War.However, Nazi Germany’s heavy tank development technology was very advanced, which undoubtedly gave the Japanese army a glimmer of hope.After all, the ally was a tank maker through and through, and the Japanese wanted a piece of the action.In particular, the Tiger tank, which was built by Germany in 1942, was the most advanced in technology in the world.Soviet Marshal Chukov once said of the Tiger: “It looks almost like a super-heavy fortification!The advanced optical sight is well designed and the 88mm tank gun is very powerful!”Not only that, but the tiger’s frontal armor is 102 mm thick, making it one of the best in the world.Tiger tank performance so excellent tiger tank, naturally also let the Japanese see in the eye, anxious in the heart!It is said that when a Japanese observer group saw the Tiger tank, they were drooling over the superiority of this German tank.Isn’t it the heavy armor and powerful firepower that Japanese tanks have always lacked?Senior Japanese military officials began to express their interest in the Tiger through diplomatic channels.In May 1943, the Japanese senior official request to Nazi Germany: hope to get your tiger tank design and production rights.Hitler, perhaps out of deference to his “axis” Allies, reluctantly agreed.The Japanese were thrilled to receive a satisfactory response to the “Axis Triumf” comics!They were already dreaming of “samurai” driving tiger tanks to “trish” American Sherman tanks in the Pacific.Therefore, the Japanese propaganda department did not waste a minute, they quickly drew a lot of propaganda pictures of Japanese soldiers driving tiger tanks, to encourage all Japanese people to continue fighting.However, the Japanese did rejoice too soon!Nazi Germany agreed to give you tiger tanks, but not for nothing!According to bilateral high-level negotiations, the Japanese finally decided to buy a Tiger tank shipped back to Japan for testing.But the Price the Germans offered surprised the Japanese: a Tiger tank cost 640,000 Deutschmarks, equivalent to 2.2 billion yen today.It’s not a huge amount of money for the Japanese army either, but it’s the price of one Tiger tank.If the Japanese army wants to equip a large number of Tiger tanks in the future, it will be an astronomical sum.After all, unlike the Japanese Navy, the Japanese army has always been relatively poor.But in the end, the Japanese army could not resist the “great temptation of the Tiger”!They decided to bite the bullet and buy a Tiger and ship it back to Japan.How can they convince their German Allies of their “sincerity” if they are reluctant to buy even one?And the Japanese are not stupid, they would rather have the technical drawings and parts for the Tiger.The Japanese paid a lot of money for a Tiger tank, but it was a “bust”, and the Germans just didn’t deliver it.Before the delivery of the Tiger tank, the Japanese personnel who went to Germany even specially visited the German Tiger armored battalion and had a series of exchanges with the tiger tank technicians.The Japanese were even complacent to climb on the Tiger tank “inspection”, they feel that the Japanese “tiger tank dream” is about to come true.But after the Japanese paid, they waited for a long time and did not receive the Nazi Germany “delivery” news.Anxious Japanese senior management repeatedly urged Germany to deliver promised goods as soon as possible, but the Germans have been looking for an excuse to delay.As the Pacific front was tight, the Japanese tanks were no match for the American Sherman tanks in the battle to capture the island.Therefore, Japan had to repeatedly expressed hope that The German side as soon as possible delivery, even in the case of payment, can be borne by The Japanese side of the freight and all the risks of transportation.But after The Japanese paid for the two tiger tanks, they did everything they could to delay delivery.The Germans would say that the Allies were blocking the sea lines, or that they needed approval from the Fuhrer himself, which meant one thing: there was no way to deliver immediately!Later, in order to get the Tiger tank successfully, Japan even offered to use their own “submarine carrier” I-400 to smuggle the tiger back to Japan directly from the seabed.But the tiger tank was not returned to Japan until the Allied invasion of Normandy in June 1944.Later, the Germans simply told the Japanese: forget the Tiger tank you bought, it has been urgently transferred to the front line.As a result, the Japanese were completely dumbstruck: they had been cheated by their Allies and paid a large amount of intelligence tax!As for why Nazi Germany never gave the Japanese even one Tiger tank!There were two main reasons. First, neither Hitler nor the German leadership wanted to give the Japanese advanced tank technology.It should be noted that in the Axis camp at that time, Hitler did not like the Japanese at all except for Italy’s Mussolini, and the alliance with Japan was entirely out of the long-term interests of Nazi Germany.It is said that in September 1944, at Hitler’s own behest, the Bundeswehr armaments Commander issued a secret military document banning tiger tank exports to Japan.Second: Besides technical secrecy, the production of German Tiger tanks was so low that even the German army could not meet its own needs.After all, the production process of tiger tanks is so complicated that it takes between 250,000 and 300,000 man-hours to produce one. From the birth of tiger tanks to the surrender of Germany, 1,346 tiger tanks were produced.In contrast, 49,230 American M-4 Sherman tanks were produced, while 53,552 Soviet T-34 tanks were produced.If the Soviet T34 tanks were to be destroyed by one Tiger for every four Shermans lost by the Americans in the field, the German Tiger tanks would not be able to deal with the large number of Shermans, let alone the flood of Soviet T34 tanks on the eastern front.As a result, there was not even one tiger tank left for the Japanese, which the Germans themselves could not keep up with.Conclusion The advanced Tiger tank and its technical drawings did not fall into the hands of the Japanese army, in fact, for the Allies is also a very lucky thing!After all, given Japan’s military imitation capability at the time, even if they had just made a “copycat” tiger, the consequences would have been terrible.Hitler’s expression “bright” finally, we from Japan “buy tiger tank” this matter, also can see at that time the axis countries are actually “bedfellow”!The Japanese army this war “profiteer”, encountered a more hardcore profiteer however: Hitler, you gave money he is not to deliver goods!In the end, the Japanese had to smile wryly: they didn’t have the skills to create their own “tiger”.Figure source network, delete!Click to pay attention to “history miscellany Station” ok?Thanks for your support!