Jilin forest grass system cadres and workers fighting in the front line of the epidemic

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Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Jilin Provincial Forestry and Grassland Administration (National Park Administration) has held several meetings and issued notices, requiring all forestry and grassland departments at all levels in the province to mobilize and actively cooperate with local communities (villages) to carry out epidemic prevention.At present, the province has set up more than 1,500 anti-epidemic teams, and more than 10,000 staff and workers in the forest and grass system have devoted themselves to epidemic prevention and control.In changchun city, Jilin City, Yanbian Prefecture and other places, officials and staff of the forest and grass system assisted communities in carrying out rounds of nucleic acid testing and screening around the clock.In Liaoyuan city, Baicheng City, Baishan City, Tonghua City, Songyuan city and other places, forest and grass volunteers guard students in isolation 24 hours a day and provide services for their daily life.Officials and staff of the provincial forestry and grass system worked side by side with professionals at more than 1,000 epidemic control checkpoints, working for more than 8 hours per day on average, and providing nucleic acid testing and door-to-door services for more than 1 million people.Jilin province bureau of forestry and grassland main leadership attaches great importance to the epidemic prevention and control of trees and party shock brigade and the majority of volunteer work and safety, many times through site visit, guidance, telephone, WeChat inquiry methods such as interaction with front-line staff, told everyone familiar with the business as soon as possible and learning skills, on the premise of to ensure their own safety, try our best to serve for the people, to fight against disease victory.Province grassland systems and related enterprises and individuals are making donations, to the society has donated 50000 surgical masks, 20000 N95 mask, disinfectant hand sanitizer 3000 kg 3000 sets, protective clothing, goggles and other epidemic prevention materials, mineral water, food, fruit, ginseng, supplies more than 3000 boxes, donations, have given total value of more than 3000 ten thousand yuan.Original title: Cadres and Workers of Jilin Forest and Grass System fight on the Front line against epidemic