On the eve of the outbreak of the Korean War, he went to the United States on a secret order from Premier Zhou to carry out an important mission

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When the People’s Republic of China was founded in 1949, the country had been battered and bruised by years of artillery fire.The country’s economy was already poor, and our exports were even worse.The biggest challenge facing Beijing has shifted from overthrowing authoritarian capitalist governments to reviving the economy and improving the lives of the masses.The most basic condition for doing so is to improve the country’s financial resources, but in the field of foreign trade is even more difficult.Therefore, on the eve of the country’s preparation to launch the anti-American aid to Korea, Premier Zhou specially met with Qiao Guanhua, a very special friend he is Gu Gengyu.His name may be very strange to us, but he has a resounding nickname “The King of bristles”.Seeing Gu Gengyu, Zhou Enlai came straight to the point and said to him, “After careful consideration by the central government, we have decided to give you the China bristle Company.”After hearing this, Gu Gengyu was also startled. He had not expected that the central committee could give him such an important task.But what exactly is a bristle?Why gugeng Yu can be called “king of bristles”?Bristles are actually the hairs on the back and neck of a pig that are about five centimeters in length. Because the hairs on this part of the pig are flexible and strong, and can withstand moisture, they are irreplaceable for industrial and military brushes.Many sophisticated weapons had to be made with his help, and China had been a major exporter of bristles, one of the few “stars” of the time, accounting for half of China’s foreign trade.Gu Gengyu is a business wizard who made China’s bristles go to the world through his own efforts and sold the most bristles in the world.He was born in a family selling department stores in Chongqing. His upbringing at home made Him a well-known “little merchant” when he was very young.When he took over his father’s industry, he integrated the whole sichuan bristle market into his own hands. By the time of the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, his bristle industry had accounted for more than 80% of the country’s export.When the founding of new China, Gu Gengyu is also in line with the trend of The Times said that their management of sichuan livestock production company all over the people.Gu’s move came as a shock at the time. At that time, gu managed a company with more than $9 million in 1948 and more than $27 million in capital flows, not counting his factories and production lines.But in the Period of the Republic of China Gu Gengyu was suppressed by many kuomintang high level, so he had already seen through the darkness of the Kuomintang, so when to understand the behavior of the Communist Party, Gu Gengyu will think that this is the new hope of the Chinese people, so he is willing to make their own contribution to the people can do.When Zhou Enlai gave him the China Bristle Company, Gu Immediately began to prepare for the export of China’s bristles.Because of that special era, Gu Gengyu could no longer use his old way, he prepared to go to the United States to sell bristles under the leadership of the central government.In order to take care of the safety of ancient farming and guarantee the smooth export of bristles, the country has also made a lot of preparations.First, all gu Gengyu’s assets were priced with gu’s consent, and gu Gengyu’s immediate relatives were escorted to live abroad or in Hong Kong and Macao.With all the preparations in place, Gu became a Taiwanese businessman with a “Republic of China” passport.The Korean War broke out a few days after ancient farming arrived in the United States, and heavy consumption of military products sent prices of bristles soaring.But after gu Gengyu learned this news, he took advantage of this opportunity to start selling Chinese bristles in various American arms factories.The American military factories, which knew China’s bristle reputation before, naturally accepted the promotion of guyeyu completely. Under the efforts of guyeyu, China’s bristle exports reached 80 million DOLLARS in that year, which is equivalent to four billion dollars in purchasing power today.The ancient cultivator who held the money made full use of it. He changed the money into tires, rubber and other strategic materials that China was in urgent need at that time. He made great contributions to the construction of the founding of the People’s Republic of China and materials for resisting the United States and aiding Korea.In October of that year, the People’s Volunteers entered the Korean war, the pinnacle of light arms infantry, and quickly crushed the United Nations forces.In addition to bombing supply lines, the U.S. government also announced that it would freeze all Chinese government funds in the United States and ban American ships from going to China.Such measures soon ensnared Mr Gu, who found his funds in the US had been “specially frozen” by the US government for no apparent reason.Such a freeze would require the approval of the PRESIDENT of the United States to lift it.More than $7 million is frozen, most of it in the country’s foreign currency.This happened at a time when Gu Gengyu was not in the United States because of something.When Gu Gengyu learned that he did not choose to admit bad luck like ordinary people, but decided to head for Hong Kong to prepare to unfreeze funds.In fact, Gu Gengyu’s operation was not out of passion, but years of business experience told him that the United States was in great need of bristles because of the escalating war, and no other country except him was able to meet the huge demand of the United States.It is also needed to buy much-needed military supplies.At the U.S. office in Hong Kong, the Americans also combed through Mr. Gu’s connections, hoping to find evidence of his ties to the mainland.However, because of the sufficient preparation of the work in advance, the Americans did not find any handle, and Gu Gengyu’s well-founded complaint also made the Americans speechless.In addition, Guyeyu also guessed the lack of bristles in the United States, so that the U.S. government weighed or unfrozen guyeyu funds.When it was over, Mr. Gu sent all his children back to China on the orders of the central government, and he was transferred from Hong Kong to Beijing to oversee China’s livestock company, which employs more than half a million people.In 2000, Gu Died of illness in Beijing at the age of 96.Summary: When you own tens of millions of dollars, will you give it all to the country?I think many people can not do the realm of ancient farming, in the face of a huge amount of property without nostalgia, but will donate it all, do all this is just for the motherland can be prosperous and strong, there is no personal purpose of their own.