Please arrange me on duty for the Lantern Festival

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“Tomorrow is the Lantern Festival. Please arrange me to be on duty.”Zhai Yanli, a fourth-level researcher at the Erdao District People’s Procuratorate in Changchun, applied to the chief prosecutor for duty during the Lantern Festival, which is a time for family reunion.Closer examination revealed that Zhai yanli, who was born in 1962, retired on Feb. 16, just after the Lantern Festival.Zhai Yan, admitted to the Erdao District Procuratorate in 1996 engaged in anti-graft work, after 2004 served as the deputy section chief of the financial equipment section of the hospital plan, section chief and other positions, according to his words: I do what the organization arranges, I do what well.He has been awarded business model, excellent Civil servant for many times, and excellent Communist Party member for twice. In 2016, he was awarded “Dedicated good Man” by the Propaganda Department of Changchun Municipal Party Committee.He did not miss these honors. What he missed was every brick and tile, every tree and grass of the procuratorate, and what he missed was the prosecutorial situation he had worked in the procuratorate all his life.Liu Hongbo, deputy director of the Erdao District People’s Procuratorate office, said, “Lao Zhai is my old leader and an example for me to learn from.In 2004, when he came to work in Cory, he built office buildings in the college. He was personally involved in everything from the arrangement of desks and chairs in each office to the construction of back-office kitchen facilities.He is indispensable for the facilities and equipment of the court staff.”Zhai Yanli’s duty application was approved, and he became a special duty man on the Lantern Festival.At noon, he came to the kitchen to ask the kitchen staff about the holiday meal arrangements.In the afternoon, the inspection inquired about the driving conditions of official vehicles of each ministry, checked the registration of foreign guards, and asked the personnel on duty to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, and must not be careless during the festival.During the duty, Chief prosecutor Wang Yongjiang brought a warm lunch box from home, to Zhai Yanli brought a hot yuanxiao.As the sun went down, the prosecutors went home for the holidays.In the duty room, Zhai Yanli dressed in inspection still stick to the line, stand the last guard.(David Woo)