What chat software is used to chat with the person that is inconvenient to open temporarily with relation?

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If you can open as soon as possible, do not hide, this feeling experienced, too uncomfortable.If really temporarily unable to open, or choose which kind of privacy good social software.I have talked with my ex-boyfriend for two years, and the relationship has been very stable. If there is no accident, then I should enter the stage of talking about marriage.But when it was discovered that he was still in contact with his ex-girlfriend, the relationship between us took a subtle turn.I know he had a girlfriend for five years, met on college campus.After graduation, he also worked in the same city, but his family did not like his family background and forced them to separate.According to him, after breaking up, his ex-girlfriend married a local boy from a good family condition.He left his previous city and came to the city where he now works, and then he met me with a poor family background like him.Parents are ordinary workers, there is no big rich big expensive, life depends on their own.Once by chance, I saw his chat records with another woman that exceeded the normal social boundaries. After I asked him, I knew it was her ex-girlfriend. Because there was no emotional foundation between her and her husband, I remembered her good.Although their chat record is not very overheated, but the heart always feel worried.At that time, there was a subtle change in our relationship. Later, I also met a boy who shared many of my interests, values and outlook on life, namely my current boyfriend.And then make it clear that I have a boyfriend.But the conversation topics, although he did not say, but his feelings for me can still feel.So we started a secret communication on private chat software (see author).Do not need real name authentication, two people know the private chat space, does not match the phone address book friends, outsiders can not search through the phone number to add friends.The chat data is encrypted and stored in the mobile phone, which can be deleted with one key. The chat records can be destroyed in one second and cannot be restored. The disguised chat function makes it impossible to discover and safer to communicate.Love a person or not, the second person will give you the answer.Go public as soon as you can, because who doesn’t want to be with someone who resonates with their soul can be aboveboard together.