Jiangkou: “Three long integration” to promote the implementation of ecological and environmental governance

2022-07-11 0 By

In recent years, Nuxi Town of Jiangkou County has established and improved the supervision system of “long road, long forest and long river” and “three long rivers in one” for ecological and environmental protection, effectively opening up the “last kilometer” of ecological and environmental protection and supervision, effectively connecting ecological and environmental protection with economic development, creating a virtuous cycle and complemifying each other.In Jiangkou County Nu Xi town daping village, village “two committees” cadres and rangers are on the main and secondary roads and roads along the plastic garbage, small advertising carpet cleaning, road cleaning, mountain protection forest patrol, river cleaning, etc., are the daily work of the village.”As a road chief in Daping Village, I was mainly responsible for road cleaning and mass mobilization and publicity, and carried out cleaning irregularly in strict accordance with the village’s” three long into one “system.”Jiangkou County nu Xi town daping village villager, village road long Yang Jianyun said.Taping village seriously implement the “green water castle peak is the jinshan yinshan” concept of development, continuously explore to promote the protection of long long river, forest protection, road long “the unity of” three long governance system, the village on a total of eight allied rangers protecting mountain, forest, river tour, gradually formed a “organization leading, the party members’ demonstration, the masses to participate in” a powerful force.”The road protection, river protection, forest protection into one, every ranger has signed a commitment to work responsibilities, in strict accordance with the” three long in one “management system of Dping Village, we have to hold mass meetings on the mass group every quarter, let the people actively participate in the supervision and supervision.”Jiangkou County Nu Xi town Daping village party branch secretary Jiang LAN said.It is understood that jiangkou County Nuxi town’s “three long in one” governance system, in each village (community) have been effectively implemented and implemented, have set up the river chief, forest chief, road chief, the original ranger more than 500 people, integrated into 298 three long personnel, effectively streamline the management team,And many times in the village cadres, party members, college students volunteers and other personnel to carry out regular road protection, forest protection, river patrol activities, to form a good atmosphere for everyone to care about ecology, everyone involved in environmental protection.”In the next step of work, nu creek town will continue to push forward the party construction of” popular + 3 “long work norm, combining with the current rural revitalization of the environmental management system, increase the” three long “People’s Daily inspection, funds input, let” green water castle peak is the jinshan yinshan “concept of development, take root and blossom in anger creek town.””Fan Fei, a member of the Nuxi Town Party Committee in Jiangkou County, said.(Tseng Luoqiang)