Kang Tailai led a team to investigate agricultural and rural work

2022-07-11 0 By

On February 14, Chief of the Miji District Committee Kang Tailai led the heads of relevant departments in the area to investigate agricultural and rural work.District leaders Wang Ming, an Wei, Qiang Yongbin, Wang Jinxiao investigated together.Kang Tailai and his delegation visited Shiziping Village, Ma Paoquan Town, Hongyahe Fungus industry, Liqiao Town, Qinling Agaric Planting Industrial Park and other places successively. Through on-the-spot inspection, listening to reports, exchanges and inquiries, they had a detailed understanding of the development of village collective economy, agricultural industry, and cooperatives led by party construction.Kang stressed that all relevant parties should seek a correct positioning, broaden their horizons, adapt measures to local conditions, take precise measures to develop the people and strengthen the village industry, and encourage village collectives to develop and expand village-level collective economy by every means possible through revitalize collective land and idle assets.We should dare to try first, learn from the successful experience of other places, actively explore the new mode of village collective land transfer service, and form distinctive practices and successful experience.Village collective financial management should be further strengthened, and approval procedures should be strictly standardized to ensure safe and efficient use of funds.We should do a good job in the careful management and protection of agricultural products, improve the quality of agricultural products, enhance market competitiveness, build brands of high-quality agricultural products, and vigorously promote the development of agricultural industry.We should make full use of maiji’s unique geographical, historical and cultural advantages, innovate development models, actively cultivate and strengthen rural industries, promote large-scale, industrialized, marketization and branding of agriculture, focus on improving agricultural production efficiency and added value, and constantly increase farmers’ income.We need to develop new mechanisms for connecting the sale of agricultural products with the interests of the people, encourage the active participation of the people, drive sustained and steady increases in their incomes, and push agricultural and rural work across the region to a new level.Kang tailai stressed that the gleason’s leadership of the cooperative should be strengthened and the Party’s leadership should run through the whole process of the cooperative’s construction and development.Efforts should be made to improve the level of party building to guide and promote the development of cooperatives, strengthen ideological guidance and policy publicity, and ensure that cooperatives always develop healthily along the right direction.We need to strengthen regular communication and operation supervision, encourage cooperatives to improve internal control mechanisms and standardize management and operation, give full play to their role as a bridge and link, promote the spread and application of new technologies and new varieties, encourage the strong to lead the weak, complement each other’s strengths, and give full play to the leading role of cooperatives.We should encourage village-level Party organizations to participate in the development of farmers’ cooperatives through various means, such as participation in shares and dividends, actively expand the income channels of village-level collective economy, and promote the development of both cooperatives and village-level collective economy.We need to strengthen publicity and positive guidance, and continue to promote standardized and innovative development of farmers’ cooperatives, so as to expand rural industries and increase farmers’ incomes.District committee office, organization Department, agriculture and Rural Bureau, Ma Aoquan town, Liqiao town main responsible person to participate in the investigation.