Transparent red card should not be used?

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A lot of people like to use this translucent red paper to practice, this paper practice is good or not good?Let’s talk about the benefits of this paper practice, it can let the practitioners through the model of tracing quickly copy, so write the word will be very similar to the fan word.And this way of copying writing speed will be very fast, practitioners do not need too much thinking and observation, just need to imitate the gourd gourd practice, can write many high-quality words in a short time.Describe the red letter, speaking of which we see what the problem is?Yes, by tracing the words can not be said to have no use, but tracing the words will make the practitioners become lazy, and not to think, not to observe, get the word on the stroke.The role of this type of book reading may be greater than the role of practicing.Hard-pen calligraphy 0 based small white earnestly learn to write the tang teacher (primary), will learn to write class 79.9 yuan to buy a column said let’s practice calligraphy is a look at the practice three control, two observation van words first, according to the method to find the characteristics of the word, and then to write, write a word do not fan to see where there is deficiency, and then the next correction and contrast, and so on.’t MiaoHong write this word may be the same time, write the word no MiaoHong write good-looking, but in the process of practice, practitioners through observation slowly can realize some skills, the appearance of van words will be printed in my mind, practice like this, even without the fan, encounter similar words also know how to write.Do you want to use the red letter card?I think you can use it, but you can’t rely too much on it, especially for children, and don’t rely too much on it.Observing the correct way to write 10 characters may be more effective than if you use a red tagline to draw 100 characters.So how do you practice your handwriting?Welcome in the comments section to discuss the structure of hard pen calligraphy daquan (must learn) 0 basic practice intermediate writing class Tang teacher 138 yuan to buy a column