Exciting redmi Note12 Pro parameters gradually exposed, meet not far

2022-07-12 0 By

Red rice was born for Xiaomi to sink into the market and is known for its extreme cost performance.The Redmi Note series claims to be a cost-effective little king Kong.Now there are basically two generations a year, the first half and the second half.Half a year on, some of the parameters of the exciting redmi Note12 Pro have been revealed recently.I believe I won’t be far from meeting you.Let’s take a look at some of the redmi Note12 Pro’s configuration parameters.First, in terms of performance, this time the Redmi Note 12Pro will be powered by Mediatek’s Breguet 7000 chip.Phecas these two years in the high-end field of achievement really remarkable.Qualcomm’s crappy chip is really popular and is exactly the same as the Redmi K50, with a staggeredconsumer base, so it’s quite possible.In addition to performance, the screen still has a perforated camera.It is said that it will adopt Samsung E4 light-emitting material OLED straight screen, equipped with fingerprint unlock under the screen, maintain the refresh rate of 120Hz, support 480Hz screen sampling rate, with MIUI13, it does not feel like a flagship, right?In terms of imaging, The Redmi Note 12 Pro uses a 100MP liquid camera lens, including a 12MP ultra-wide Angle lens, an 8MP telephoto lens and a 2MP macro lens. The photo effect is positive and the price is rare.In addition, Redmi Note12 Pro will continue to carry 120W quick charging, with battery capacity upgraded to 5000mAh and 67W wireless charging. The overall configuration is quite high, indicating its cost performance.Have to admit, less than 2000 price, really let a person enchanted.If listed, is absolutely the baptism of the same price.Anyway, I’ll take my dad’s Note10Pro to recycle.You can also sell a small 1000, add some money to change it into Note12 Pro, more fragrant.