The state of qi in the heart can be around the body but not available, can be very far away and not available

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“Guan Zi” has: the punishment of the mortal heart (form), self – filling, self – born….The feeling of his heart, peace, peace…And is its own, folding folding (understanding of the meaning) such as in the side, suddenly such as will not, he such as poor.The state of the chi of the heart that we perceive.Can be around the body but not also, can be very far away and not be.This is the same implication as in the Analects of Confucius, “Yan Yuan said: look up to the height, drill the strength, look forward to the front, suddenly how behind”, “standing to see its reference to the front, in the yu see it according to the balance”.There is also “Reiki in the heart…It is fine without inside, it is big without outside “.The “Altar Sutra” of the six ancestors expresses the vastness of mind and quantity very clearly: mind and quantity are vast and can be seen all over the dharma circle.All is one, the one is all;Come and go freely, mind and body without stagnation, that is prajna.A vast mind is like a void without borders.Nor size, nor green, yellow, red, white, nor up or down…Yongming Yanshou, a zen master who wrote many books on Zen, also has a similar saying:Sincerely the wisdom of not any body, don’t know, say, of emotion is better than the state, so unbelievable, body empty silence, never to be well informed, now the dharmadhatu without birth, super iii and vanished, so the number of live, vertical three international, which ten square, no amount of bounded, no more side table available, so Mr Bound for the root of all things, by the beginning of spread, in van, st is not increased, the spirit is apparent,Often as its body, so said Buddha nature.From the perspective of conscience, Wang Yangming describes the vastness of the heart: only the tao man can really see the clarity of his conscience, which is harmonious and penetrating. The universe and the void are the same, and nothing can be the obstacle to the void.Yang Ci Lake from its actual experience said heart volume: suddenly feel empty without inside and outside, endless bank, three only, all things, wanhua, everything, quiet and bright, there is no, for a whole, slightly seamless.The past would have meant that everything in the world was coherent, that there were differences between images and principles, that there were differences between them…Yuan to a mind so vast, heaven and earth have images, tangible, there is in a boundless bank……I believe that people are so large.Zhan Ganquan said: “The noumenon of Gai’s heart originates from the vastness and wisdom…”Heart and nature map” said: the nature, all things in heaven and earth are also one, the universe, its qi with also.The heart also and do not leave, the body of heaven and earth also.Sex is also, the physiology of the heart is also, the heart is not two….Heart everywhere also……The mind is all encompassing.Package and penetration, real non – two also.Therefore, the heart is also, covering the world and all things, but also through the world and all things.China and Foreign countries are not two.There is no inside or outside of heaven and earth, nor inside or outside of the heart.Highly trained second-level psychological consultant, TCM practitioner, senior masseur