Wonderful Winter Olympics | strong “technical force” to help Yin is improving results

2022-07-12 0 By

Yin zheng realized his dream of competing in the Winter Olympic Games and achieved great achievements, which could not be achieved without the improvement of the development environment of China’s steel frame bobsled sport and the assistance of his “skills”.Steel frame snowmobile has a history of more than 100 years in Europe and the United States, but China did not carry out this sport before 2015.From the establishment of the national training team for skeleton bobsleigh to the selection of outstanding athletes for cross-boundary and cross-sport events, to the establishment of China’s first professional skeleton bobsleigh track, the basic conditions of China’s skeleton bobsleigh sport are getting better and better during the Beijing Winter Olympics.Yin is in the race.Before the establishment of professional track, the national training team of steel frame bobsled was mainly trained and competed in Canada and Germany. The slow start speed of the cart and the easy mistakes in key corners have always been the shortcomings of Chinese athletes.As the first bobsled track in China, “Snow Dragon” track has become the 16th professional track in the world, which provides venue guarantee for the national training team of steel frame bobsled.Technology is also important.From 16 steps to 18 steps is the average number of steps from start to boarding. How to improve the efficiency of each movement in this limited number of steps is very important.DongYun center by the state administration of sports science training team organization research and development of digital science and training platform, makes YanZheng daily training more targeted: it can accurately capture the YanZheng details of every movement, through the analysis of the acceleration curve, when can make YanZheng understand better strength, and provides a more scientific training plan for him help.Precision training also made Rapid progress for Yin Zheng.Wind tunnel test is a very effective way to reduce wind resistance in racing events.In the 27 National Ice Sports Training Base, through the wind tunnel test, Yin zheng learned that what is the best posture to maintain on the steel frame sled is the most drag-reducing, the most time-saving, and through repeated practice to constantly correct posture, the result has been improved.(Hebei Daily reporter Zhang Jing)